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Feedback for Scyllua

Jan 19, 2010

    1. I had the pleasure of being the first to engage in a DoA market place transaction with Scyllua and was asked to make a feedback thread. ^_^

      I sold a Zaoll Luv head to Scyllua. Communication was good, pleasant and swift. Scyllua paid fast and explained how customs in her country could hold up packages, but she kept me updated on that process. I was informed when the package was picked up and had arrived at her home safely.
      It was nice doing business with Scyllua.
    2. Scyllua bought a wig from me. Communication was great, she paid super fast, and was absolutely wonderful to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again. Thank you so much for a perfect transaction! <3
    3. Scyllua bought a pair of jointed hands from me. she was really nice to work with and paid quickly and informed me when she received the hands.
      perfect transaction! :aheartbea
    4. Painted a doll for Scyllua and we conversed extensively. Things were settled very precisely. The doll was packaged well and came with the torso in case blushing could be done to resin match. This was also discussed very well. She was clear about what she wanted but also allowed me freedom to work quite freely. It was a very good transaction. There was a slight mix-up with payment but she was quick to respond and it was settled very easily with plenty of communication. Once again, another example of how great it is to work with her. : ) Thanks once again for the completed transaction!
    5. Scyllua bought an Elfdoll Bambu head from me on layaway. She made the payments promptly, and was awesome to work with. :) She let me know as soon as it arrived. I'd be more than happy to do business with her again anytime!! :D
    6. Noemi is such a warm friendly person.
      She commissioned me to paint her Elfdoll Bambu boy -- and first and foremost, she was so supportive - sent the head quickly and was attentive to my requests in what to possibly include with the head.
      All throughout the approval process she was timely, and very encouraging - she was specific with what she wanted and was very sweet.
      When the time came to ship back - she paid very quickly and throughout, regularly kept in touch.

      I wouldn't hesitate to have even another kind of transaction with her. She's awesome. <3
    7. Scyllua recently bought a Domuya Body from me on layaway. Everything went great. Her communications were outstanding, she kept me very informed of everything going on. She also paid of quicker then our arranged date! I would deal with her again! Thank you so very much!
    8. Scyllua commissioned me for a few yukatas. It was a lovely transaction that went smoothly and she was a dear to deal with. She was very understanding with me when there was a delay. I highly recommend Scyllua and would love to deal with her again. :)
    9. Great buyer~ fast payment and good communication! I would happily do business with Scyllua again!
    10. I sold a Domuya Bust to scyulla and had a great transaction. Clear communication, and quick payment. Would do a transaction with them again, no problem.
    11. Excellent transaction with Scyllua! Super fast payment and excellent communication. Highly recommended. Thanks so much!
    12. I sold some wigs to Scyllua and she was a total delight to deal with. Thankyou for a super-duper easy transaction. Very highly recommended! :)
    13. Scyllua bought a Domuya body from me on layaway. She provided me with dates on when to expect payment and always paid exactly on time! She was also wonderful and very friendly to communicate with-- overall she was probably the nicest person I have ever sold to on DoA. I would love to deal with her again in the future!
    14. I sold a Luts Flood head to Scyllua.
      She is a good buyer with patience, quick payment and so friendly.
      We have a smooth transaction. Highly recommended!!!
      Thank you very much!!
    15. Sold 2 pairs of miniature spectacles/glasses to Scyllua. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    16. Sold 2 pairs of miniature spectacles/glasses to Scyllua. An absolute wonder to work with. Quick payment and fast PMs. Definitely a A+ Buyer! Thumbs Upz! ^_____^v
    17. Scyllua commish me to do face up for her Sister's boy. From the start until the end of transaction, Scyllua keep doing a great communication and always so sweet. Fast with reply and payment. Everything goes so smooth. But there is a little error with the shipping, that the package stuck for 2months a Brazil. She keep calm and continues informing me about the status of the package.

      I am so glad have a transaction with her. It was a hard time with an error with shipping , but we can solved it without any stress and it's all thanks to Scyllua. Thank you for all, Dear. :D
    18. Scyllua bought a Dollmore Glamour Model body from me, on Layaway.
      It was a super pleasant transaction, the communication was always stable and polite and Scyllua always made her payments in time without me having to remind her to do so.
      After the body got shipped she kept me informed about everything and I'm glad the body arrived safe and sound in Peru.

      I can highly recommend her as a business partner and would do business with her any time again :)
      It really couldn't have been any better!
    19. I had the most wonderful sale with Scyllua.
      I bought a Im hound paleskin head, and the head arrived fast and safe.
      She is a sweetheart to deal with, and keeps you up to date with pm's thru all the time.

      I would buy from Scyllua at any time <3
    20. I sold an SD female mirodoll body you Scyllua, she has been one of the most pleasant and fun buyers ive ever had the pleasure of selling to here on DoA! she is very polite and a joy to talk to (she has my gift of gab so we were both sending each other lengthy mostly-small-talk PMs and I for one loved it!) you can totally see her smile in her writing! she was very understanding of my family emergency and paid for the doll promptly so I could transfer it to my bank account ASAP and use it for my emergency and then she waited two more days for me to haul my butt down to the post office to get her a shipping quote and even longer for her shipping money to transfer to my bank so I could ship! she was very patient and kind through my very stressful situation and it definitely helped ease a bit of the strain I was under! she let me know as soon as her dollie arrived and now im almost sad that my transaction with her is over! an ABSOLUTELY wonderful buyer whom I would love to have a transaction with anytime again in the future!