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Feedback for Seamania

Jul 7, 2010

    1. If I have done any transactions with you please give me feed back here~
    2. i was seamania's partner in the red swap and the gifts she sent were adorable and really appreciated!!! i would definitely be her partner again or even do business with her!!!!!
    3. Seamania participated in my Red Swap, and was a pleasure to have. She was prompt and courteous when returning my PM's, and shipped in a timely mannor. I would recommend Seamania in any swap, and would love to have her as a participant in another of mine. Thanks so much! :]
    4. Seamania was my swap partner in the Steampunk Swap. She sent out her items on time and the items she sent me were wonderful. I would be happy to be her partner in a future swap.
    5. Seamania participated in the Steampunk swap and did a wonderful job shipping out to their partner in the time alotted. Their partner was happy with their gifts. Thank you very much~! :)
    6. Seamania was the swap leader of the Pokemon Gijinka swap. Her communications were great throughout the swap, and we were kept updated with timely reminders. She was also very nice and friendly throughout the swap, urging everyone on. The swap was tremendous fun and the experience was an extremely positive one. I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Semania worked hard to make it fun for all of us, and I would happily take part in any future swap she ran.
    7. Seamania was my partner in the Fandom Swap. I mailed my stuff to her an never heard back from her on weather or not she received them. She also had me as a partner and i never received anything from her. The deadline for the swap was Dec 8th, I emailed her at least once with no reply. According to her profile page her last time online was Dec 22. I was very patient because i saw that in another thread she had stated she was having internet problems so i figured i'ld give her some extra time. Well today is January 25th and i have still have not heard from her. It's a real big shame considering she has GREAT feedback when it comes to swaps, i just hate the i got jipped. I do hope everything is ok, maybe there was a medical emergence, i don't know. But considering the deadline was the 8th of December and her last activity was on the 22nd of Dec, she could have had time to contact someone to say she was having problems.
      I'm very disappointed as well as my boy who didn't receive anything.
    8. Seamania was my partner for the Fandom Swap. My gifts were mailed by the deadline and I never recieved any confimation as to when or if my gifts reached her. I also never recieved anything from her for my doll. It is unfortunate that I feel it necessary to leave this kind of feedback, but I feel as though, even with internet problems, she has had ample amount of time to contact me.