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Feedback for SEBASTIAN

Dec 9, 2007

    1. Hello lovlies!

      I thought that since I'm getting a few more commission inquires, that I'd start a feedback thread for myself.

      So if you've commissioned anything from me -most likely dollart of some sort- please post your feedback here!

    2. Commissioned Sebastian a long time ago and got a wonderful picture of my Ichigo!
      Communication is stellar, so no worries if you want to change something up. :)
      Excellent work! Recommended!
    3. Sebastian and I had participated in a wonderfully fun Secret Santa event this Christmas!!! Got my gift about a week before the Big C, and everything was absolutely wonderful and perfect!

      The shipping was fast, as far as I can guess! Anyways, I had an awful lot of fun. Here's to next year? Here's to next year!!!! :3
    4. I purchased a tiny from Sebastian. She shipped the tiny instantly, and kept in great contact. She's a perfect transaction seller! Thanks!
    5. Sebastian participated in my Leeke World GO. She was wonderful to deal with and kept good communication.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction~ :)
    6. I have sold a Leeke wig to SEBASTIAN, payment was prompt and communication excellent. A+++ :)
      thank you!!! :)
    7. I bought an MSD sized Leekeworld wig from Sebastian. Her communication was excellent, she let me know of a minor shipping delay but nevertheless shipping was prompt. :) And packed wonderfully. Would definitely work with her again and I recommend her to all!

      Thanks Sebastian!
    8. Sebastian took part in my third Glass Eyes group order and overall, the transaction was a smooth and easy one.

      :clover Thanks! :clover
    9. Sebastian also participated in my fifth Glass Eyes group orders and was once again a pleasure to deal with. Communication left nothing to be desire and payments were received in a swift fashion.

      :bcake:pcake Thank you! :pcake:bcake
    10. I bought a JID boy body from Sebastian and it arrived today :3 She was really great with communication and shipped quickly.
    11. I participated in Sebastian's Dollmore group order. Great communication and very friendly. Would buy from again :aheartbea
    12. I participated in the Dollmore GO as well, and there was great communication, very well-updated.

      Five Stars out of Five, a perfect group order!
    13. I participated in the recent Dollmore GO. Everything went great. I would join another group order Sebastian led.
    14. I was part of Sebastian's Dollmore GO. It was a great experience, she kept me updated every step of the way and my items got here safely and quickly. This was my first experience with Dollmore and a DoA group order and I'm glad it went so well. :)
    15. I participated in a Dollmore GO lead by Sebastian.

      She was very professional, the communication was great and shipping was fast.

      It was smooth and she was a great GO organizer. Thanks!
    16. I too participated in Sebastian's Dollmore GO. Everything went smooth as silk - great communication, prompt updates, and quick shipping. I would definitely participate again!
    17. I participated in Sebastian's Dollmore GO and she was a great GO leader, keeping up with all updates promptly and courteously and items arrived quickly. Would love to be in a GO run by her again!! :)
    18. Positive! I participated in a recent Dollmore group purchase and everything went very smoothly! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again!
    19. I also participated in Sebastian's dollmore group order, and she was really fantastic about everything. I'd gladly join another of her G.O.'s :)
    20. Positive - Sebastian did a faceup and body blush for me on my BBB Mei, Lorilei, and even though there were some glitches on both ends, issues were resolved and I'm pleased with Lorilei's new look.