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Feedback for second_banshee

Dec 8, 2011

    1. second_banshee Bought a Bambicroni Brava Bambi Ellen girl from me.
      She had the doll on layaway for a small time and communication was kept throughout.
      She paid promptly and was wonderful and friendly to deal with.Would love to deal with her again :)
    2. second_banshee commissioned some jeans and shorts from me. She gave really good instructions of what she wanted, and paid promptly once they were finished. Would definitely do business with her again, a very lovely and friendly customer!
    3. second_banshee bought one of my handmade outfits. She is a great customer, thank you and enjoy!
    4. Second_banshee purchased a Soom Topaz from me on layaway. She was great with communication, always paid on time, and let me know when the doll arrived. Great to work with!

      I sold a Juri '10 head to second_banshee! She was great with communication, was very understanding of shipping charges and she let me know when the head had arrived, and even showed me a picture! I would deal with her again in a heartbeat! I recommend second_banshee 120%! A+++ buyer! Thank you so much for a fantastic transaction! :aheartbea
    6. Sold a fullset sleeping "human" MD Soom Appini to her. Paid fast and on time as agreed upon, and notified me when item arrived. Excellent communication, highly recommended buyer! Thank you for an awesome transaction! :D
    7. I sold pair of hands to second_banshee; she was excellent to deal with, quick and friendly communication and although she initially indicated need for a layaway, payment happened fast and she let me know as soon as the package arrived. Highly recommended, would definitely deal with this member again. Thank you :)
    8. I bought a Bambicrony body from second_banshee. She was a PLEASURE to deal with! She kept me posted every step of the way and was just a sweetheart all around! The doll arrived quickly and very nicely packed!

      A+ THANK YOU! :D
    9. I bought a bambicrony brava bambi body from second_banshee, and it was a wonderful transaction. They responded quickly and politely to pms, packaged the body extremely well, and shipped it out very quickly, and the doll was exactly as described in the listing (much better, actually). I would definitely purchase from second_banshee again, thankyou so much for a fantastic transaction. A++++++++++++!!!
    10. second_banshee bought SOOM-AI from me.
      It was wonderful transaction, nice communication and very fast payment.
      She let me know when got the package too.
      100% Highly recommend and thank you so much again ^^
    11. second_banshee bought a Lishe from me. She was very nice and friendly, lovely to work with and always responded very quickly. Thanks for such a great transaction!!!
    12. second_banshee participated in my Mature Mini Shoes GO. She was very polite in her PMs, and patient throughout the long wait from the company. She also paid her invoices on time. I would definitely love to see her join another one of my GOs! Thank you for participating! :D
    13. Purchased a faceplate from me, paid using Layaway, payments were worked out in advance and Banshee kept to her word, and paid the item off rather quickly. Super recommended and trust-worthy buyer. I'd be very happy to do business with her again!
    14. She bought my Soom Winnie Dee deer legs. She was all-around awesome to deal with! She even was patient with my work schedule :)
      I would love to do business with her again. Thank you so much, second_banshee :3
    15. second_banshee bought Crobidoll Mikhail from me. She asked for a layaway, but paid all amount very fast :) I can recommend her as very responsible and communicative buyer and just nice and friendly person ^^
    16. Second_Banshee bought a Littlefee Rolly fullset from me :) Was a delight to work with and paid off her layaway quickly. Very good communication. Thank you! :aheartbea
    17. I took part in a LTF split with Second_Banshee. She was super nice and kept me well informed. When the Faceplate arrived it was VERY well packaged. Thank you again! I wouldn't hesitate to take part in a split operated by Banshee.
    18. second_banshee did an awesome faceup for my 5*Doll Quintus: She was very accomodating, and followed what I asked for really well ! -Plus she was very friendly and fast with her work. I highly recommend her faceups !
    19. I had a pleasure to deal with second_banshee, she is absolutely a wonderful buyer, she bought a NANA 2010 renewal head from me, everything were wonderful with her, super fast payment and let me know once she got the package, I highly recommend her and hope to do business with her in the future! ^^
    20. I sold a Soom Alex head to second_banshee!

      She was fantastic to work with- super quick correspondence, and she paid very quickly too! I would be more than happy to work with her again!