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Feedback for Seiorai

Oct 14, 2009

    1. ok I looked and looked and couldn't find a feedback thread for

      So I am creating one. If this is a double post (or if this is not allowed) then please delete if not, then let me be the first to say that her work is nothing short of awesome. She is a very talented artist and worked exceptionally quickly on each project that I have asked for. She seems to take the personality of the person commissioning her work and the personality of the subject in mind when doing a piece. So far she has done 3 chibis for me and each one brings my beloved doll to life in a way I never thought possible. Seiorai maintained quick and constant communication with me throughout the process of all images. I will definitely be getting more work from her in the near future.

      An A+++++ artist
      An A+++++ transaction
      An A+++++ person

      Thank you
    2. I commissioned Sei to do some chibi-designed thank you cards for my GO members in both Gwen Stefani and Hideto Matsumoto...the cards turned out "FANTASTIC"! :fangirl: I would recommend Sei's talent to anyone/everyone. She is wonderful to deal with - very kind and professional and always in constant communication. I am glad I left all the artistic ability to her and tried not to interfere with the process (even though she wanted my input). The cards were totally her creation and I absolutely love them. :aheartbea

      I give Sei :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar for her talent, professional manner and constant communication!

      :pcupcake SUPERB ARTIST! :pcupcake
    3. I bought two chibi commissions (one single, one couple). They both turned out really great! Seiorai updated me several times throughout the commission to let me know how things were going. She showed me several WIP pictures, and asked if I had any tweaks each time.

      Seiorai was not only a wonderful, artist to work with, but I very nice person and I would gladly work with her again, and I hope I will get to commission her again sometime in the future.
    4. Seiorai bought to me 3 pair of stockings and one skirt.
      She was very adorable and friendly. I'm really happy, the transaction was great!♥♥♥
      Thank you so much Dear!:aheartbea
    5. Seiorai is so awesome! She ordered an undies and warmers set from me and was absolutely friendly and sweet the whole time - even when the post office took longer than usual to deliver the order! I've always felt the true test of transaction participants is how they react to less-than-perfect circumstances, and she reacted wondergully ^^ Thanks so much, and also for letting me know when they arrived! I do so hope to work with you again! :chocoberry