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Feedback for Seiraguardian

Mar 3, 2011

    1. Hello! I'm Seira,

      Here is my feedback thread.

      For everyone that deul with me. Please let me know about your experience!:)
    2. Seiraguardian commish me to facing her dolls.

      I'm so happy , she entrust her dolls to me.^^
      The communication going so smooth, fast on reply and payment. She also very good with packing her dolls to me.

      Seiraguardian also tell me when the she received the packed.
      I'm so glad , having a pleasant transaction with him and look after for more in the future. :D

      Thank you, Seiraguardian :aheartbea
    3. I had a wonderful transaction with Seira! She bought my Volks Cristal. She was great with communication, paid right away, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Lovely to work with!
    4. I purchased a DollZone Luna from seiraguardian. She came in perfect packaging and with wonderful extras.
      A+++ service and great communication! Would definitely buy from again.

      Thank you!
    5. seiraguardian joined my Soom Argil split. ^^ Paid on time and was really patient during the process of layaway and waiting. ^^ She also let me know as soon as she received the package. Thank you so much for a perfect split!!
    6. I bought williams head from seiraguardian, she's very friendly, transaction was great and he came very well packaged. I Would not hesitate to deal with her again, a lovely, honest person to deal with:)
      ^__^ Thank you very much!
    7. Seira commish me again to face her boys. Same as always, the whole transaction goes so smooth and she's trying to be nice in communication. Fast with payment as always and kindly let me know when she received the heads. :)
      Thank you so much again, Dear ...:D
    8. Seiraguardian sold me her Soom Romantic Taco Head and he is in perfect condition. ^o^
      I'm so happy to get him! Thank you so much! ^o^
    9. I commissioned Seiraguardian to make me a YOSD sized kimono with several parts. The communicatiuon was great. She kept me updated on the progress and showed photos and was always fast to reply. She was very fast to ship too, which is a big plus.

      The pieces were nicely done. I would say the craftmanship is very good.

      I would definitely do business with her again as the transaction has been nothing but pleasant.
      Thanks for your hard work.
    10. I commissioned Seiraguardian for a set of sd clothes. Everything was as I wanted plus! Communication was great despite the long wait and she responded to my every question! ^^

      Definitely would commission her again!

      Thanks for everything!
    11. I sold an outfit to Seiraguardian. It was a perfect transaction thank you!
    12. I sold a Switch Waseon head to seiraguardian. Great experience, prompt payment, wonderful communication. I would deal with her again and recommend her to others. Thanks!!