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Feedback for Selmada

Sep 1, 2006

    1. Since I mostly buy (okay, right now I only buy) I figured I'd set one of these up.
      On ebay my userid is avenger22

      So far on DOA I've had a few successful transactions and will ask those people to post feedback so you can hear it from them directly, but here is a list so far (some worth a small fortune, some more moderate)

      Fullset Kirill - Uneide/Rillystar
      Elf Elly Banji - X_Kazakai_X
      Clothes - Star_angel
      Saranilla - Wishel Boy
      Treelore - Toppi Boy
      Kiradyn_rhiode - FS Limited Aida
    2. O_O Why hadn't I seen this before? I sold A kirill with Rillystar to Selmada, and have continued to do business with her. She is an awesome customer, a wonderful person and 100% recommended to anyone. ^_^
    3. Selmada adopted my boy and was wonderful to transact with. Let me know that he arrived safely and is just who she was looking for. Thanks again!
    4. selmada bought my latidoll aida and was a fantastic buyer! she paid me on time according to the layaway schedule that we discussed, and finished paying earlier than she had to! ^__^ communicative and informative about the entire transaction. ^^

      wonderful to sell to.
    5. Selmada traded Wishel torsos with me. I wanted an angel and she wanted a boy, so we swapped. She was really good about mailing her half of the trade on time and staying in touch. She also sent an extra outfit which was really nice of her :) Overall it went very smoothly and was a good trade. Thanks Selmada!!
    6. Bought my toppi boy, great buyer! Highly recommend this member. Excellent communication :) A ++
    7. Selmada bought some items from (through) me :)

      She's really a sincere, polite and nice person. Transaction with her was very confortable.

      Thank you very much :aheartbea
      I highly recommend Selmada :thumbup
    8. great and honest buyer.. quick and easy transaction with no problems..

      would do business with this person again anytime!
    9. Positive feedback for Selmada again :)

      Selmada is a very nice, friendly and polite person!!
      All transactions go smoothly :3nodding:

      Thank you very much!! :aheartbea
      I highly recommend Selmada again ^_____^=.
    10. Selmada bought a SDC Arashi from me. She is a lovely customer, very kind and patient.

      Highly recommended!
    11. Selmada purchased an SLG Elf Roko from me. Payment was timely and communication was great!
    12. Selmada sold me Sinisiya head and ear options for an excellent price. Shipping and communication was prompt and I even got a surprise bonus mini crayon set.

      Highly recmomended
    13. Selmada was a really nice person and I was extremely happy to deal with her.

      Thanks very much for this! :)
    14. Selmada just bought a Mini Fee Chiwoo from me and she was a pleasure to deal with. The payment arrived quickly and her communications were great!
    15. ^^ I bought her darling little Kuuta from her and it was perfect! *^ ^* she even included some extras <3 (ps he says hi from the island ~!)
      thank you again!! wonderful transaction :) thanks again for him!!!
    16. Selmada was a pleasure to deal with! *Great Transaction* & lovely communication. :)
    17. I did a trade with Selmada for a wig. She was very easy to deal with, and very patient waiting for the outfit to be made. The wig was sent very quickly. Thank you!
    18. got Classic sariel - perfect transaction!
    19. Selmada bought a choco vamp from me and was a pleasure to deal with! thanks so much:)
    20. i sold my CP archer hands to selmada; payment was quick and communication with her is excellent. :3 selmada is wonderfully patient and a dream to deal with. ^__^