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Feedback for selphielu

Jan 31, 2007

    1. Hello! Now that I can use the marketplace, I decided to start my feedback thread there!

      Thanks! :)
    2. Great buyer!!! :)
    3. sephielu was a part of my Luts group order. :) She's very nice to deal with!
    4. Selphielu bought a pink luts wig from me! She sent me her payment very quick, and is super nice!!
      I highly recommend her!!!
    5. Thanks so much! I bought Elfdoll Special K on layaway from her, and she couldn't have been more sweeter about the entire thing! Very flexible, kept up great commincation with me.

      Thank you!!
    6. Yo! I need to give you feedback because you rock! xD

      Okay Selphielu is awesome to deal with it and is SUPER friendly and awesome. I know her personally. BUY from her! ^o^

    7. Met Selphielu at a doll meetup back in April and found out that she was getting an Elf Shushu, but didn't want the sleeping vamp head. I was totally speakless that she was going to sell it to me cause I had been searching all over for that head in BW. She kept me up to date on the shipping of her doll and the head and was just fantastic overall to deal with. Definitely would deal with her again! Thanx for making Kai finally able to flash her fangs!! :aheartbea
    8. I bought my first doll ever from Selphielu, and the whole thing couldn't have been a better experience ^__^ I paid on Tuesday afternoon and my new Soulkid Yewon came Friday afternoon~ She was well-packed, came with a really cute outfit, and even some extra elastic <3 Thanks for all your thoughtfulness, and I won't hesitate to buy from you again in the future :)
    9. I bought my third doll from selphielu. Well a girl mnf body, but that counts a third. Love doing dealing with her. Great layaway plan, and great to talk to.
    10. Selphielu was wonderful to deal with. I purchased Petsha's outfit from her; she's super friendly and communicative, and ships quick! I enjoyed my transaction with her, and hope to have more in the future. :D

      Thanks hon!
    11. I recenly completed a hot-glue sueding for Selphielu. :) She's the absolute greatest ever :) Wonderful to deal with. I love everytime she comes to me for work :)
    12. I purchased a CP Lishe from selphielu, and it was a divine experience. She's prompt, sweet, responsible, packages things wonderfully and stays on top of communications. The doll is in lovely condition and I'm very very happy!

      Thank you so much, hon!
    13. Selphielu sold a Shushu through me to my roommate, as her first doll. She sent Shushu lots of great extras just because it was my roommate's first doll. Because there was delay in shipping and communication due to a hurricane, she also paid for overnight shipping. ;___; I can't stress how fabulous Selphielu is!!
    14. This transaction was so amazing that I have to leave some feedback. Selphielu sold my friend her first doll, her mnf shushu. We had some initial concerns at the time it took to get here (which we learned later was COMPLETELY not her fault because, lol, Florida had a hurricane) but Selphielu got back to us as soon as possible and totally overnight shipped the doll to our apartment. Seriously, overnight shipped my friend's first doll so it got here at 11 o'clock this morning when my friend did not pay for overnight shipping. PLUS, she came here with so many free goodies that it almost feels like we ripped Selphielu off. PS: everyone in the house benefited from this, after some quick trading and gift giving even MY doll now has some awesome additions to her wardrobe 8D

      Overall, this was one of the most amazing transactions I've been witness to in my life. How can I grade higher than A+? I can't, so A+++++++
    15. I baught a MNF Ruth from selphielu.
      He came very quickly and im extremely happy with him!
      Thank you selphielu for a wonderful transaction.