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Feedback for Semiblonde

Mar 26, 2007

    1. If I've made any transactions with you, please give me feedback <3
      Thank you :D
    2. Semiblonde bought a Tan Bobobie Sprite from me on layaway and was very good at sticking to the estimate of payments. Very nice person to talk to, and the entire transaction was very smooth! Thanks very much, highly recommended! :)
    3. Semiblonde bought some doll undies from me recently and she was a pleasure to deal with. Very good buyer, this one. :)
    4. Semiblonde joined my Luts GO and everything went well and smooth. Was very friendly and nice to deal with. Payment was paid in a timely manner. Thank you! Hope to see you around!
    5. Very nice to deal with, quick to respond and quick shipping! Oh I traded a doll with her, sent mine first, very trustworthy!
    6. just finished a trade with semiblonde which went smoothly, professionally , without any hitches.
      she's a wonderful person to deal with who kept the communication line nice and open
      and was prompt in fufilling her end of the trade.
      i'm most happy with the doll i received and i hope she's happy with the doll she received^_^

      thanks again for a wonderful transaction!!!

    7. Semi bought some doll goggles from me and was awesome to deal with :D
    8. Semi bought an AoD head from me. :D She paid me as soon as she physically could, and she was very understanding about slight shipping delays. :) Awesome customer!
    9. I brought a random, and I do mean random, MSD set from Semiblonde. She shipped it quickly and I was pleased that the items in the set did fit my difficult dollie. I would happily buy from her again any time!
    10. I bought a wig from semiblonde. She was veru understanding, shipped fast, replied fast and was really nice. <3
    11. I bought a doll from semiblonde =)
      Thank you for my Sujini! =)))
    12. I bought some accessories from semiblonde; communication and shipping was perfect! Would gladly do business with again!! :D
    13. I bought a corset form Semiblonde.
      The transaction went smooth, shipping was fast.
      Would buy from her again.