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Feedback for Senlan

Mar 8, 2008

    1. If you were involved in a transaction with me, please leave a feedback for me here. Thank you! ^^
    2. Senlan has placed an order with our HSCJ store and she was a wonderful customer who pays very quickly and very pleasant to talk to in all her PMs. She is polite and sweet! Good customer! *hugs*
    3. Senlan bought a Volks Nocturnal Maiden Kimono outfit from me. She was very nice and wonderful to deal with. She paid me quickly and kept good communication.

      Thanks for a smooth transaction! :)
    4. I purchased a can of Mr Super Clear UV Flat and it arrived very quickly! Communication was great and Senlan kept me updated through the process of the transaction. A wonderful transaction overall. Senlan is a terrific seller that I wouldn't hesitate to buy from again.

      Thank you Senlan :aheartbea
    5. Senlan is a very good buyer,she paid immediately and very good response:)
      she is polite and i have a happy trade with her~very recommended buyer
    6. Senlan is a good customer. The transaction was easy and Senlan communicated with me every step of the way. A highly recommended buyer.
    7. I sold a wig to Senlan and she was a total pleasure to deal with -- quick to answer PMs, quick to pay and no hassle at all. :) :) :)
    8. Bought a sale item from me in a fast, wonderfully pleasant transaction! Thanks much for letting me know it arrived! :)
    9. Senlan Bought a Volks wig from me. A great transaction from beginning to end. Quick payment and nice communication. I appreciate knowing that the items I sell arrive safely, thank you very much for that. A real pleasure to deal with :D
    10. Senlan purchased a skirt from me. Payment was prompt and I was notified that it had been received. I highly recommend Senlan as a buyer. Thanks so much.
    11. Perfect buyer! Quick payment, nice to communicate with, and left me great feedback when it was all done.....Thanks!!!

    12. Great buyer, bought a dress from me, she was prompt and super friendly.
    13. Senlan bought some clothes from me in the marketplace and she was lovely to deal with. Prompt payment and flawless communication ^^
    14. I sold a check dress set to Senlan and it is a wonderful transaction. Friendly, pay fast, and give every information a seller need without asking! Thanks!:)
    15. Senlan bought a volks h.naoto dress set from me on layaway. ^_^ She was a dream to work with. thank you!
    16. Senlan bought a BTSSB Robe A La Francaise Dress Set from me! Paid really quickly and was very nice to deal with! Thanks Senlan!!:aheartbea
    17. Great transaction with Senlan ^^ fast payment, good communication, would deal again in the future!! thanks!!! ^^
    18. very smooth transaction with Senlan^^
      good commumication, nice buyer~
    19. Senlan brought a set of Volks Omukae Dress (sailor ver.) from me, and the interaction went smoothly and wonderfully. Thank her for everything!
      Highly recommendable!
    20. Senlan purchased a top from me and everything went great~ Thanks again! :)