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Feedback for Septunie =^.^=

Jul 23, 2008

    1. Making my own feedback thread since I have already done some buying on here. If I've had a transaction with you, please leave me feedback. Thanks so much! <3
    2. Septunie commissioned a chainmaille necklace from me. Really, she was a joy to work with. She was very good about communicating what she wanted, and got back to me very quickly when I had questions about her preferences so that I could keep things moving smoothly while making it for her. Quick payment and promptly PM'd me when the item arrived. Trusted buyer and all-around great DoA'er. A+ :D
    3. Septunie ordered a shirt from me and paid promptly.
    4. Septunie participated in my second For My Doll group order and everything went great! Awesome communication and prompt payments. :) Definitely recommended!!

      :clover Many thanks from me to you for being a wonderful participant!! :clover
    5. [SIZE="-10"]I'm back again with more feedback. :3nodding:

      This time Septunie participated in my Glass Eyes group order and once again, it was a wonderful transaction all around. As expected, communication was great and payments were quick. She even took the time to post in my picture request thread, which I appreciate a whole lot. I'm pleased with this transaction and I hope that we are able to do business again in the future.

      :clover Thank you for another wonderful transaction!! :clover
    6. I bought a pair of sky blue Pale Blossoms eyes from Septunie and it was a wonderful transaction! Thank you SO much, for they are THE PERFECT eyes for my Tema!
    7. i bought some eyes from Septunie and she was amazing to work with^^ the eyes are perfect for my fishy boy :) thank a million Septunie! i highly recomend her^^
    8. purchaced a wig from septunie. comunication was great and the transaction was flawless, even gave me a choice for how i wanted it shipped. would gladly do buisness again!
    9. Septunie participated in my Everpurple group order! She was wonderful to work with ... great communication, swift payment, and let me know as soon as the eyes arrived. Thank you Septunie!
    10. I sold Septunie a pair of eyes-- upon striking a deal, she paid immediately, we enjoyed nice communications and when it arrived she let me know. Thanks for a great transaction! :)
    11. Septunie purchased some shoes from me and was very friendly and paid promptly. I would definately do business with again! Thanks!
    12. Septunie commissioned an MSD fantasy outfit from me and was wonderful to deal with. It was my first commission, and she was very patient with me. A joy to work with!
    13. Septunie won I-ra on Ebay, she was always friendly and communication was real good!

      Very understandable and wonderful buyer, and it was good trade. I hope I can trade with her again! Thank you very much!
    14. Sold a pair of eyes, and was paid rapidly, and was notified quickly once they were received! :dance
      Excellent transaction! Thank you so much! :)
    15. :aheartbeaSeptunie is simply wonderful! She mailed out my dress very fast ... and in a very secure package. The dress is out of this world!

      Thank you, Septunie..!!!:thumbup
    16. Septunie sold me a Volks MSD Cream-coloured wig. She ships very promptly and the wig is well-packaged and in good condition. It looks perfect on my doll :) Thank you, Septunie.
    17. Septunie bought some SD13 boots from me, she paid quickly and was lovely to make the transaction with, thanks! :chocoberry
    18. I joined a GO coordinated by Septunie for Tata's Paradise merchandise. Septunie was always very responsive to questions and concerns and kept the GO thread updated regularly.
      I would definately join another GO coordinated by Septunie and recommend her as a GO coordinator and/or seller in general.
      A very pleasant experience indeed.

    19. Septunie participated in my first GO for an nDoll run ^^ prompt payment and wonderful communications. Thank you ^^
    20. I participated in a TATA's Paradise Group Order ran by Septunie. She was a wonderful hostess. The whole transaction went smoothly even though I hopped on last minute to give the whole group free shipping on the items. lol

      She kept wonderful contact and kept us all updated on the thread or when we asked about it. She quickly mailed off all the items upon them arriving to her. I would highly recommend Septunie to those who want to join her in group orders or do business with her. I would love to do business again with her. <3