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Feedback for Seraphim

Aug 23, 2007

    1. This is the feedback thread for Seraphim
    2. I commissioned Seraphim to knit a sweater for my Sabik. It took a while (big sweater!), but I was kept up to date nicely and there was good communication during the whole transaction. Fast shipping too.
      The sweater fits my boy like a glove. I recommend Seraphim for all knitted doll stuff. ^_^
    3. I bought two pattern books from Seraphim (via Lulu not DoA) and they're wonderful!! The patterns are really cleanly drawn and apart from my complete inability to make anything (my own ineptness I'm afraid) they're brilliant! Really well described and detailed :D

      I would recommend her to anyone - her communication is excellent and she's really helpful and friendly too!