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Feedback for Serenade

Jun 25, 2011

    1. My feedback thread. :D
    2. I've bought a Iplehouse BID Nadia doll & Naias faceplate from Serenade. The transaction was perfect in every way. The items arrived super quick, and in wonderful condition, and with extras. I'm SO happy with my purchase and I can recommend Serenade to anyone out there!:-) Thank you so much Serenade!:-):)
    3. Serenade requested a Bento set, and some little cupcakes and cookies from me! The transaction was very smooth, communication was excellent, payment was swift, and she was such a pleasure to deal with! Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you on a very interesting commission! ^ ^
    4. Serenade participated in the 2011 Halloween Swap I hosted.

      Communication was terrible, and they did not fufill the requriments clearly posted in the swap.
      They failed to mail out the gift within the time allotted, and when confronted, lied and then came up with excuses.

      In all they were extremely flaky and I would not recommend Serenade at all for any transaction or swap.
    5. I recently sold a realpuki to Serenade, and had a great experience. Communication was clear and swift, payment on time, and I was informed when the package made it safely!

      A great buyer!
    6. I bought a PukiPiki from Serenade and it was a great experience. The Puki was exactly as described, arrived promptly and was well packed. Communication was great. I would highly recommend buying from Serenade!
    7. Serenade recently commissioned 2 dino hoodies from me and was a pleasure to work with!
      She was super friendly, paid promptly and kept up excellent communication, letting me know when her package arrived too.
      All around a perfect transaction! Thanks so much and enjoy!
    8. Serenade took part in my Littlefee Shiwoo Split and she's definitely a pleasure to deal with!!!
      Answers PM fast, shows a lot of patience (which is a great thing when you join or host a split/GO!!!) and has always been so friendly and kind I would absolutely deal with here tomorrow if there's the opportunity!!
      She's a very reliable person and I reccomend her to everyone !!!
    9. I bought a Littlefee Chiwoo Vampire faceplate from Serenade. She was very nice to deal with and very patient with my crazy questions. Thanks!
    10. purchased ltfee vampire chiwoo faceplate from serenade. transaction was flawless
      thanks so much!
    11. I purchased 2 Rolly faceplates from Seranade and the transaction was perfect! She was quick to ship, and everything was well-packed. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. Thank you!!
    12. I have just bought an Iplehouse JID Amy from Serenade.

      She was wonderful to deal with and as sweet as candy. The doll was a very reasonable price and she arrived safely wrapped and quickly once I had finished paying for her. She was exactly as described and I will happily do business with Serenade again.
    13. I bought a LTF Rolly VE faceplate and the whole transaction was great! It was a layaway. Serenade was wonderful to deal with! Fast shipping, nice packing, and great communication! Highly recommended!
    14. I purchased a DD Sister from Serenade- communication was excellent & shipping was very fast- she replied to my questions & at all times was courteous & helpful. I would happily purchase from Serenade in the future, thanks so much :)
    15. I bought a Fairyland Juri Multihead from Serenade and it was a perfect transaction all around. Wonderful communication, fast shipping and well packaged. I'd gladly do business with her again. Thank you very much!
    16. I bought a Littlefee Shiwoo sleeping faceplate from Serenade and everything went great. She is very communicative and answer questions quick. The faceplate was in perfect condition and well packaged. I highly recommend her. Thank you again! :)
    17. I purchased a LTF Chiwoo from Serenade, and it couldn't have been a better transaction. She was very thorough at answering my questions and worked with me on shipping costs. Her packaging was top notch, and my doll arrived safely and securely, she even included an outfit so she wouldn't be naked.

      I look forward to doing business with her again, and definitely recommend her.
    18. I bought a PKF Cupid from Serenade, and I am so happy with how it went! She was very helpful and nice! She even checked with her post office when there was a delay for me! Everything was packed great, and she included some very nice extras! Thanks so much! Would gladly do business with again!
    19. I bought a Littlefee Rolly fullset outfit from Serenade and I love it! She shipped out REALLY fast and it was well packed. I can't wait to try it on my little girl! :D
    20. I bought a Littlefee Shiwoo from Serenade. This is the second time I buy from her and again, everything was perfect. The doll arrived in good condition, she was exactly as described and well packaged. She shipped fast and was always quick to answer my questions. I highly recommend Serenade, she is very nice and its a pleasure to buy from her. Thank you again :)