Feedback for serenityslr

Apr 8, 2009

    1. I just purchases two Dollfie Dream outfits from her. The transaction was handled quickly, items were as described and in good order, and the package was shipped promptly. I would be more than happy to make a purchase from her again.

    2. Serenity first commissioned me in my Art shop for a chibi couple image of her two dolls ^_^
      She was really sweet to talk to, prompt payment and great communication ^^ A pleasure to deal with :aheartbea
    3. serenityslr commissioned me to draw two of her dolls. She payed very promptly and communication was great. Lovely to work with.
      Thank you very much! :aheartbea
    4. serenityslr bought some animal slippers from me. She paid very quickly and let me know when they arrived! Highly recommeneded. A lovely DOA Member.
    5. I just bought a B&G Nailo elf outfit from serenityslr. Communication was friendly and excellent throughout and the outfit arrived in perfect condition. She even included a beautiful beaded necklace that looks beautiful on my girls.

      I would definitely recommend her and would buy from her again anytime. :)

      Thanks! :)
    6. serenityslr ordered some custom eyes from me and it was a pleasure to work with her. Fast payment and very friendly, thank you so much for a great transaction!
    7. POSITIVE: Serenityslr bought a minimee Kamui head from me. Communication as very good and fast, so was the payment. I highly recommend her and would do business with her again!
    8. Serenityslr bought a little handmade book from me. She paid really quick, and was wonderful to work with (even when the book got lost). Thanks so much, and enjoy!
    9. Serenityslr just handled all the shipping and money handling of our Jake Sully Na'vi MNM GO. She was very friendly and took care of the money and shipping services very quickly. Would definitely trust her to business again. Did that make any sense? lol A+ Good to work with.
    10. I bought from her an extra Jake Sully Na'vi MNM GO head. Communication was excellent and shipping was very fast. Great transaction.
    11. Serenityslr participated in my Na'vi Jake Sully MSD Minimee group order. Paid rapidly and kept good & friendly communication ! Helped me a lot with the dispatching of the order in USA too. Was a huge pleasure to deal with and highly recommend her as a buyer! :)
      thank you for joining the GO & for the help ! :chocoheart
    12. I just received my Na'vi eyes from her.
    13. Participed in her Custom Na'vi eyes GO. Excellent communiaction and very fast shipping ! The eyes she helped to vreate are really beautiful. It was great to make transaction with her !
      Thanks again Serenity ! :chocoheart
    14. Serenityslr hosted a Sam Worthington Minimee order which I participated in - Sam arrived yesterday much to my delight :) Serenityslr was incredibly organised and handled each step of the order process flawlessly - Thank you again for the pleasure of working with you to bring this little guy home :)
    15. I was one of the members of serenityslr's MNM Sam Worthington order, and I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction. Everything was handled perfectly on serenityslr's end, and she kept everyone very informed throughout the order. I received my guy's head quickly, and he was packaged very well...highly recommended host!!!
    16. I jumped in serenityslr's Sam Worthington order at the last minute and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. Very prompt communication and quick shipping out to me. I'd join another one of her groups in the future without hesitation.
    17. serenityslr bought a MNM Neytiri head from me. She paid quickly and was polite. A perfect transaction! :)
    18. Sold serenityslr a Conie Unicorn BJD and she was great to work with, especially since she was moving during our transaction and the package accidentally got sent to her old address! Thanks again!
    19. Serenityslr and I did a comestibles swap and her items were so great! Everything was packaged nicely and shipping was very quick! Jet and I are very happy! c:
    20. Serenityslr was my partner in the $Winter_Holiday Comestibles Swap (International) I love and adore what she and her daughter picked out..

      I can't wait to make those brownies.