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Feedback for Serid13

Apr 24, 2011

    1. Hello. Since I just bought my first doll, it seemed right for me to open my own Feedback Thread now. So everybody who buys from me, or sells me something, please post your Feedback here. Love, Serid13
    2. Serid13 purchased a female body from me. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with; super sweet, great communication and paid very quickly. Highly recommended, I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again.

      Thanks so much!
    3. Serid13 bought an Angell-Studio old suntanned resin body from me, and then joined me for an Angell-Studio order for matching parts. :)

      She kept up good communication, very fast replies...she sent payment quickly, was very patient (our order took a bit longer than usual because we were ordering custom resin colors), and let me know when the package arrived. I would be glad to do business with her again! :)
    4. Serid13 bought some clothes from my shop. She is a lovely customer with creative idea on designing. Quick payment and so friendly. I really appreciate dealing with her.
    5. Serid13 was very interested in my clothing store and after insisting on request I made a copy of a suit, everything went great, is a kind and very communicative. It was my first suit made to order in DOA and the truth is that there has been a very positive experience thanks to Serid.
    6. Serid13 bought a doll head from me. She was very polite, kept up communication very well (something I appreciate as a seller above almost anything else) and paid lightning fast. She let me know when the head got there, and has been a pleasure to chat with throughout the entire transaction. I can say i'm one hundred percent satisfied and honestly wouldn't mind keeping in contact with her or even consider buying from her. If she's as good a seller as she is a buyer i know i'd be happy
    7. Serid13 bought a souldoll double from me. She is wonderfully creative and was a pleasure to interact with throughout the whole process. She paid super quick and let me know when the doll arrived. All in all, the perfect transaction!
    8. Serid13 bought a LUTS Senior Delf from me and was a pleasure to sell to, paid quickly, was good at communicating and always polite and pleasant :) Thankyou very much! 10/10