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Feedback for Serraphym

Sep 14, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feedback thread for Serraphym; I hope you don't mind that I'd made one up for you! :3

      Serraphym bought a MNF A-line boy body from me. She was very pleasant and easy to communicate with throughout the transaction. Payment was prompt, and she also let me know when the body had reached her. :3

      Overall, it was a lovely transaction, and I'd certainly sell to her again! ^__^
    2. Serraphym recently participated in my Soom Heliot split. She was great to deal with, her responses were quick as were her payments. ^^ I would gladly do business with her again...Thanks a bunch!
    3. Serraphym sold me a Feeple body. She is very nice and the comunication was great ^^ She cared every moment for the condition of the package and it arrived perfectly wrapped.
      It's a pleasure to do business with her. Thank you very much! ^^
    4. I sold a head to Serraphym she was a very nice buyer and when we had problem with paypal she opt to send a money order to me so I can get the money quickly. What a wonderful buyer. I'd love to deal with her again thank you!
    5. Sold a rare doll to Serraphym and found her to be a very responsible buyer. Good communication, swift payment and a very nice person.

      Thank you!
    6. I recently bought a Dollzone Shoyo from Serraphym, and the whole experience was incredible!

      She is such a polite and amazingly patient person who communicates promptly and is willing to negotiate where it's needed.
      Certain issues had occurred during our transaction process but we were able to work it out and managed to get the deal done with no hassle or frustration. :)
      Her shipping is fast and the doll was packed securely! Some extras were also given to me which is incredibly generous of her in my humble opinion. So thank you again for that Serraphym!

      I highly recommend Serraphym as a seller! She is by far one of the best people i have ever had the pleasure of working with as well as one of the best that i have gotten to know!

    7. I just purchased the cutest Pukipuki Cupid with tons of amazing extras from Serraphym. It was a stellar transaction from beginning to end. Communications were quick and friendly, my doll was packaged carefully, and she was shipped super fast. It was exactly the kind of quick and easy transaction we all look for in the marketplace, and I can recommend Serraphym highly.:)
    8. I purchased a Dolkot Kiss head from Serraphym. I seriously think this is one of the easiest and most pleasant transactions Ive had on DOA!

      She always responds to questions fast, always making sure to keep me up to date with everything that happens and is super, super friendly in all her communication.

      Kiss was exactly as described, and she was honest in the listing with his "faults" (which I appreciate). She packaged him very securely and shipped him when she said she would, she even checked up on me when he was delivered to make sure everything was smooth.

      Super nice seller, I would not hesitate to deal with her in the future and highly recommend her as a seller:aheartbea:aheartbea:aheartbea
    9. sold a wig to serraphym. Was a quick and easy transaction
    10. Purchased a Luts summer 09 head from Serraphym. Transaction was smooth and the head arrived perfectly as represented in the sales thread photos. Thanks again for such a pleasant and smooth transaction.
    11. I bought Seraphim's Feeple Anu head, who was shipped quickly, packed safely and arrived exactly as described. ^_^ A perfect transaction all around.
      #11 Brightfires, Sep 14, 2018
      Last edited: Sep 14, 2018
    12. Purchased a Spiritdoll Jade from serraphym. She was shipped very quickly and packaged perfectly. 100% positive transaction and would definitely purchase from again
    13. Serraphym bought a FairyLand Feeple60 Nanuri 2018 Event head from me.
      Everything went smoothly. ;)
      Serraphym was quick to reply and send payment and let me know when the item arrived.
      Thank you!:D