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Feedback for Sethrea

Mar 9, 2010

    1. Thank you again for doing business with me!

      best regards,
    2. Sethrea bought my Cass dress I had on the market, she is a pleasure to deal with and paid super fast.
      Thank you!!!
    3. Sethrea bought an amber outfit from me and she was a fantastic buyer. She was patient while I found the best shipping option and stayed calm when usps took quite a bit longer than expected. She informed me promptly when the outfit arrived.
      I would be happy to do business with her again!
    4. Sethrea bought a soom heliot bow and arrow set from me,
      she payed promptly and had exelent communication,a fantastic buyer all round :)
    5. Sethrea bought a glati default wig from me, she was very pleasant to deal with and communication was amazing, a wonderful buyer!
    6. Sethrea ran a split for Soom Chalco, of which I was a member :)

      I cannot praise her enough for how efficient and dedicated she was throughout, communication was excellent and very concise, and prices, shipping and customs were all very fair :)

      I would actively seek to join another split with Sethrea, thank you honey xxx
    7. I participated in Sethrea's Chalco split. I bought Chalco's body with Linuus hooves and hands.
      Sethrea was PERFECT leader, communication was very good and easy (she is online all the time! : ) ) and every prices (shipping and custom tax) were really fair.

      Thank you so much, I couldn't have my Chalco if not you!
      I highly recommend her! <33333
    8. Sethrea took part in my Soom MD split. Communication was flawless and payment were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction. I'd work with her once again without hesitation! Excellent. :)

      Thank you so much! ;)

      :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~
    9. Sethara bought Alk's outfit from me. She was very patient while we worked out the best way to ship it and everything went smoothly. I would definitely do business with her again.
    10. Sethrea purchased a Teenie Gem outfit from me and we had a very pleasant transaction!! Communication was well kept and friendly and payment was swift!! :D I'd be more than willing to do business with her again if the chance arises!!

      &#9829;[ Thank you for your purchase!! ]&#9829;​
    11. Sethrea bought Cass Ocean Elf dress from me.
      Everything was perfect: very good communication, immediate payment...
      Thank you very much!
    12. Sethrea participated in my Dollmore GO. Payment was prompt, and communication with her was wonderful. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again :)

      Thanks again!
    13. Sethrea took part in my Nephelin split. Payment was prompt and communication was great. In short, a wonderful transaction. Thank you again! :)
    14. Sethrea was part of my Nephelin split for the outfit & horns.
      Payment was fast & great communication- when the doll arrived she was very patient waiting for me to find approprate safe packaging for the resin horns. A lovely & ideal split partner!
      Thanks & enjoy xXx
    15. Sethrea took part in my Luts group order.
      Communication was great and payment prompt. What more could you want?
      Will do business again anytime, recommended!!
    16. Sethrea was a member of my Dollmore GO and was a sterling member! Payments were prompt and communication was polite and precise. She also let me know that the items had arrived safely.

      Truly a wonderful transaction, I would welcome Sethrea aboard another GO anytime! ^_^

      Thank you Sethrea! :D
    17. Sethrea purchased a SOOM Bi-Weekly outfit from me. She was awesome with communication and very quick with payment. She was quite pleasant to deal with and I would happily do business with her again. Thanks!
    18. Sethrea participated in my split for Soom Migma.

      Payments were quick and the communication was friendly and great.
      She was a pleasure as a split partner and I highly recommend her!

      Thank you~!
    19. Sethrea took part in the soom Clozel split we agreed I'd better run.
      she choose the human head, and she has been always kind and precise. I have to admit that, if it wasn't for her, maybe I would not have been able to get a doll I really love!

      I can only leave a most positive feedback overall ^__^ for prompt payment, kind and friendly communication, I highly recommend her as a split partner or buyer/seller, and I'll be more than happy to deal with her again in the future!
    20. Sethrea bought a Rosette outfit from me, and it was a wonderful transaction! Good, clear, timely communication. Notified me when the item arrived safely and promptly left feedback. Would be happy to deal with again.