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Feedback for Seven

Mar 13, 2007

    1. I haven't made many purchases or sales, but I've made a few. Might as well make a feedback thread. =]
    2. I sold a beautiful Elf chiwoo head to Seven. Everything went smoothly and I'm very happy to have done a split with this person. :thumbup :thumbup
    3. I purhased a great little eeevil Chiwoo modded head from Seven. She was a great seller, prompt with shipping, and packed him perfectly! Thanks for the great transaction (and the great lil' Chiwoo!)!
    4. I was going to sell an outfit to Seven, but she forgot to send payment multiple times, even after saying she would send it later that day.
      Ended up selling the outfit to someone else after giving up on this sale.
    5. she bought iplehouse set from me, fast fast payment and no hassle. thanks!