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feedback for shadow_takatori

Sep 24, 2008

    1. Yep, feedback please!
    2. Hi!
      I sold my Soom Beryl head to shadow_takatori; despite a slight hiccup with paypal, she was determined and communicative and the problem was remedied the next day. I had a 'deadline' to meet and she kept her word in making payment on time. I was very happy to sell her the head and would happily do business with her again! :-)
    3. Shadow was an absolute dream to deal with. We did a split, and not only did she keep me very up to date, she shipped super promptly, packed my head AMAZINGLY well and sent a cute little drawing with my package.

      Highly recommended!!
    4. Had an excellent transaction with shadow_takatori, I was a part of the Heliot group order for the Bow and arrow and I was kept up to date on everything and when it arrived it was shipped out Pronto! arrived well packaged in perfect condition. thanks so much!!
    5. I was in shadow_takatori's Heliot split for the body and she did a great job of communicating with all of us on the status of the order. She shipped quickly, too, and was very accommodating with shipping methods.

      Definitely a good transaction!

      Thank you! :)
    6. I was in shadow_takatori's Heliot split for the hooves and I've never been so... Updated! She promptly let all of us know every details of the transaction which was very reassuring :)

      She was especially accomodating with me since I managed to move inbetween the order and the shipment... Thanks so much for a fantastic transaction!
    7. Shadow_takatori purchased a set of Heliot hooves and leg parts from me on layaway. This buyer had been completely friendly and professional from the initial interest in the item for sale, to paying the last layaway payment. Thank you so much for the pleasant and wonderful transaction. I would definitely do business with this member again, without a doubt. Enjoy the Hoovies! ;)
    8. shadow_takatori brought some Amber parts from me and was an excellent buyer. Paid promptly, was very friendly in communication and correspondence and very forgiving when I mistakenly sent them to her Paypal address rather than her home address. :doh

      I would not hesitate to do business with her again though she would probably hesitate to do business with me :doh

      Thanks for being so understanding.
    9. Shadow_takatori participated in my Tedros split. She was easy to work with, made her payments without problems, and I would welcome her in splits I run in the future if she wanted to join them.
    10. shadow_takatori bought a pair of eyes from me, she paid really quickly and kept me informed all the way :)
      A great transaction, would definitely trade with her again ^^
    11. Shadow_takatori bought a Soom Adamelli head from me. She was great with communication, paid promptly and was kind enough to let me know when it arrived! I would definitely work with her again! Thank you!!!!
    12. shadow bought some eyes from me! Very friendly and a good transaction. Thank you!
    13. I sold shadow_takatori 3 pairs of eyes. She was lovely to deal with and paid straight away. I highly recommend shadow_takatori to anyone and would gladly deal with her again. :)
    14. shadow_takatori bought a damaged alberta head from me. Paid promptly and is very pleasant to work and had great communication. I highly recommend this buyer again in the future :D
    15. I did a trade with shadow_takatori for her Heliot head with my R.Dia and it went great! I would recommend her and trade or buy from her again!
    16. Shadow_takatori purchased a Heliot head from me. Payment was prompt and they informed me when it arrived. :3nodding:
    17. I sold a doll to Shadow_takatori and everything went well. Reliable, replies quickly and seems very sweet person. I would deal with her again without hesitation. Recommended!:3nodding:
    18. Shadow purchased a Doll Chateau Ada from me and she was quick with payment and excellent with communication! A+!
    19. Shadow_yakitori purchased a Doll Chateau Lillian from me. She was very easy to work with. Paid promptly, good communication, and let me know as soon as the doll arrived. Thanks!
    20. I sold a Ringdoll Werewolf head to shadow_takatori, and the transaction was smooth as butter! Fast communication and payment, and she let me know when the head arrived safe and sound. I would definitely deal with her again! Thanks!