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Feedback for: ShadowChan

Dec 2, 2009

    1. Feedback for me ^_^ Buyers, sellers, Please post your good/bad/maybe transactions here ^^

      (I hope all to be good DDDD; )
    2. Shadow Chan bought Cuprits wings from me. She had heard I was going to post them to DOA and contacted me before I could post them. So the original sales thread was never posted.

      We arranged for payment and exchange and she was a dear to work with. Transaction happened in October 2008. I am sorry I can be slow to give feedback when I forget about things.
    3. Shadow Chan bought Cuprit hooves from me. She was really nice and paid right away. I'm glad they are in a good home ! :)
    4. Shadow Chan purchased my SOOM MD Cuprit. At first she was slow on payments and keeping up with the layaway, but the problem was taken care of and she paid completely in full as promised. She kept up very good communication, letting me know when each payment would be processed through and was very easy to work with when there was a problem with the faceup upon arrival. Thanks for your business!
    5. ShadowChan commissioned me to paint two of her girls. She was lovely to deal with and I would love to paint for her again!

      Thank you for your business!
    6. ShadowChan sueded two of my dolls and made them more stable in doing so. She was fast and wonderful to deal with.

      Thank you so much for working on my dolls ShadowChan!

      She also worked on the dolls of a friend who is also very happy with the work.
    7. Shadowchan both restrung and sueded my doll and did a fantastic job! She's really nice and a complete pleasure to work with! :)
    8. ShadowChan, sueded and restrung my doll. She did a fantastic job and my doll now stands like a dream! She's great to work with!!

      Thanks Shadow!
    9. ShadowChan was very patient with answering all of my questions, and did a fantastic job with cleaning, restringing and sueding my boy. Very positive transaction.
    10. ShadowChan cleaned and sueded my dollpire boy. She did an excellent job as always. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with her again. :)
    11. Shadow Chan bought Minette outfit from me. And she was very nice to deal with!
      Friendly PMs. Prompt payment. Highly recommended!

      Thank you so much. ^^
    12. ShadowChan has done the following for for me, and has done a fantastic job!:

      MSD Luts Kid Delf 'Kiwi': Restringing & Suedeing
      SD Infinitidoll 'Daffodil': Restringing & Suedeing
      MSD Judith Moulin Zinna Black LE10: Restringing & Suedeing
      MSD Judith Rouge Zinna Black LE10: Restringing & Suedeing
      SD AngellStudio 'Terezie': Restringing & Suedeing
      SD AngellStudio 'Tristan': Restringing & Suededing

      Also, various wig work and brushing.
      Always pleased to do business. :3
    13. Shadowchan restrung my doll and I now see marked improvement in her posing skills. I would certainly recommend her. :)
    14. This transaction had some good things about it and some bad things.

      Shadow and I did a split for a SOOM Aloa CW Centaur. I purchased the head, and her the body. She was very polite and when I had to talk to her about things, she was very quick to reply and always answered everything clearly. Communication with her was not a problem at all, but I did encounter payment problems with her.

      She was the one, initially, to ask for layaway and worked out that she would be paying an amount of the payment every month until it was over. At first I understood that she didn’t have money to make the first payment because I was rushing to do it the day that I got her as a split partner, but when I had to pay both the first and second payments almost entirely by myself, I felt that she should have been able to pay her share and she failed to do so. She did pay for the entire last payment, but getting the amount owed to me was a bit of a hassle. She, at times, would send small payments, never the full amount discussed, and then the large payment. The rest was only paid after I issued her a warning that she would not be receiving the item if she didn’t finish paying by the end of the month in which our last layaway payment took place. With shipping too she paid me quickly for the original estimate, but I told her the real amount, and she has yet to pay me the rest of the shipping and she already has the item.

      Overall I was displeased by the irregularities in payments, even though there was a payment agreement in place made by Shadow, and not myself, of which we both agreed to. I myself would not participate in a split again with her, where she has not paid me up front for the item; such as the way this layaway went and if we were to do layaway again, I would not be willing to continue with it if payments weren’t made on time because it was more than just a little problem for me to pay for a doll I couldn’t afford alone because if I could, I would have.
    15. Overall: Satisfied

      Services Ordered: basic cleaning, seam sanding, hot glue sueding, restringing, donut ring
      Time: 8 weeks

      Communication: Shadow usually did not initiate communication, but was always available online to answer my questions. Received responses immediately.
      Quality of work: Excellent. Ophelia almost seems like a different doll to me. She is impeccably clean, no seams or shiny parts visible thanks to her sanding, joints have excellent resistance thanks to sueding, and her head can actually hold different positions thanks to the donut ring!
      Shipping: There was a delay of two days from the date that I asked Shadow to ship Ophelia back to me, but she decided to pay for priority express shipping and insurance as compensation, so I actually received Ophelia much sooner than I would have if she had been shipped on the original planned date with regular shipping.
      Packaging: Out of this world. Ophelia came home not only in her Bluefairy box, but also in a big, strong cardboard box padded with crumpled newspaper. Her bubble wrap mummification was nothing short of amazing. There is a tiny mark on her chin that I am sure I will easily be able to remove with a magic eraser.

      Extras: Shadow actually offered to make the donut ring at an extra charge and over a greater length of time for me (which was great because I needed one anyway). She had never made one before, but she definitely succeeded. She also noticed that Ophelia's eyes had a lot of gapping, and a friend of hers had a similar pair that fit her better, so I was able to make an excellent trade.

      General Pros: Shadow is readily available to answer questions throughout the process, she is very handy and does excellent work, and is a great problem solver who may be able to suggest or offer info or services to help get your doll in the best shape possible. Her services are reasonably priced. She packages like a pro.
      General Cons: The length of time for all of the services I ordered was quite long. I'm sure that many people will see "8 weeks" and feel put off. If you are requesting something simple like sueding or restringing, this should not be a problem for you. These two things were done very quickly. It was the seam sanding and donut ring that took longer in my transaction; if you're considering services such as these, perhaps set a deadline in advance with Shadow or ask for an estimate.
    16. I commissioned ShadowChan to restring one of my YoSD's for me and she did a wonderful job! My doll can stand on one leg! <3 Thanks so much!
    17. Had a wonderful transaction with ShadowChan. She purchased my Soom Migma hands. Payment was quick and communication was wonderful. I am very pleased with how the transaction went :) I would very happily do business with her again in the future!

      Thank you for such a wonderful transaction! n.n
    18. I had a great transaction with ShadowChan
      she was a fantastic buyer!
      she bought my item thr a very short layaway
      she paid exactly on the date as she promised and was kind enough to let me know when she got it
      it was a great pleasure to deal with her
      highly recommend to everyone!
      thank you!
    19. I sold ShadowChan a coolcat top! Transaction was wonderful, with great communication and payment on time. She kindly let me know when she got the package as well and she was a pleasure to deal with!

      Great buyer, I'd certainly deal with her again. :)
      Thank you!
    20. ShadowChan bought SOOM kivi parts from me. She sent the payment promptly and kindly let me know as soon as she pick up the package. Thank you very much ^ ^