feedback for Shagel

Jul 22, 2014

    1. This is my feedback thread so if you've had any transactions with me please post your feedback here.
    2. I regret that I am forced to leave flaky-buyer feedback for Shagel, since we were unable to resolve this situation amicably.

      Shagel PM'ed me 11 times about the Johnny Depp MiniMee head that I was selling (I responded to all PMs, but recently had to clear out my sent box, so I'm going to say that I sent at least 9-10 PMs in response.)

      Most of the questions were regarding shipping to Belarus (Shagel wanted EMS shipping rather than USPS shipping to avoid higher customs charges, I did some research and found that USPS handles US-based EMS, and we discussed the shipping options.) does not calculate shipping to Belarus (some countries require you to go to the post office in person to get a rate quote), so I told Shagel that I would need to go to the Post Office in person in order to get a rate quote. I did so, and let her know three price options, including which ones could be insured.

      Shagel had committed to buy the head at the price offered ("I will pay you 225 +shipping, thats ok"), but when I gave her the shipping quote, she suddenly said that she had another commitment (going to a friend's wedding), and would not be able to send payment immediately, because it was the weekend.

      Since she had agreed to pay by PayPal, I asked why she was unable to send payment on a Saturday, because PayPal is a 24-hour, 7-day service.

      At this point, I had answered MANY PMs, tracked down a picture of the unpainted head at her request, packed the head, addressed the package, made an in-person trip to the post office (which is difficult for me, since I'm in a wheelchair and my USPS office does not have disabled-access doors), and waited in line for a shipping quote, based on her commitment to make the purchase, which she had reiterated in several PMs.

      She answered:

      Today (7/31, she made the commitment to purchase the head on 7/24), I received the following message:

      I let Shagel know that if she reneged on the transaction, she would receive flaky-buyer negative feedback.

      I offered her the option of purchasing the head at the agreed-on price, since it was already packed and addressed to her.

      She responded that she had already purchased the other head before contacting me.

      Thus, I am forced to leave negative feedback.

      (If you check every feedback post I've made in my years on this forum, you can see that I do not make a habit of leaving neutral or negative feedback for a buyer or seller. However, the amount of trouble that Shagel asked me to go to in regard to this transaction, plus the last-minute "Oh, I can't pay as agreed because I have social plans," then asking me to hold the head from 7/24 through 7/31 in order to allow her to complete her social plans and finish the transaction, and THEN being told that she found another head at a cheaper price and would be reneging on our agreement . . . this was just too much to have to handle, without leaving a warning for other potential sellers that Shagel is unreliable and does not abide by her commitment to make a purchase as agreed.)

      -- Andi :/