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Feedback for Shai

Apr 16, 2010

    1. 〔Feedback for Shai〕
      Please do leave feedback for me if you feel so inclined, it is always much appreciated. :kitty2

      〔Ebay Feedback〕
      Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More | eBay

      I also have significant feedback on another hobby forum where I have hosted multiple splits, participated in GOs/splits, and have sold/traded--

      〔Feedback as a Host/Participant〕

      〔Feedback for my Sales/Trades〕
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      #1 Shai, Apr 16, 2010
      Last edited: Dec 1, 2018
    2. I had the pleasure of being Shai's first Marketplace transaction. She bought Leekeworld Magnetic Ram Horns from me as well as a hair accessory from Dollmore. For a first time buyer, it was a very positive over-all. Communication was very pleasant and clear, and was honest and up-front about payment details. Payment was delivered just as promised, and she was nice enough to let me know when her package had been received. I would definitely do business with her again, if given the chance.
    3. I purchased a wig from Shai, awesome communication and prompt shipping. She is super sweet to deal with, an awesome transaction! Would definitely buy from again, for sure. :)
    4. Shai purchased a BBB Mei from me,and was very understanding will my hectic schedule.I would gladly deal with her again.
    5. I bought a pink pair of converse from Shai. She had great communication and they came very fast! She's a very kind person whom I would love to do business with again.
    6. Shai purchased a wig from my sales thread and it went very smooth. She's a very nice person to work with and maintains communication throughout the entire transaction- even when the item arrives! Thank you so much!
    7. Shai purchased a scarred MiniFee arm part from me and we had a great transaction! Very on top of communication and swift with payment, our transaction was smooth, easy and pleasant~

      :bcake Thank you for your purchase! :bcake
    8. Shai ordered some custom eyes and it was a perfect transaction, she paid fast, was very friendly and even let me know when they arrived :) thank you so much!!!
    9. I did a partial trade with Shai. She both shipped and payed quickly, and was a pleasure to work with all around. C:
      Thank you~
    10. Shai purchased a wig and free AoD eyes from me. She was quick to pay and let me know that the wig arrived safely, despite troubles she was having with her computer. She was a pleasure to work with! I would love to work with her again. <:
    11. I purchased a wig from Shai and she threw in extras! Thanks!
    12. Shai bought a wig from me a while back and was just wonderful, very friendly and she paid real fast. I'd definitely do business with her again ^^
    13. I bought a lovely pink Dollmore carry bag for MSD sized dolls from Shai. There was plenty of communication and the package shipped quickly. I would definitely conduct business with Shai again! Thanks so much!!
    14. I answered her thread in Goodbye Naked for some boxers. She paid the shipping quickly and let me know they arrived safely. It was a great transaction and a pleasure to help out her boy.
    15. Shai bought some pants from me, paid lightening fast and was a delight to deal with! I forgot to leave feedback and Shai was really sweet about reminding me. I would not hesitate to do biz with Shai anytime!
      Sorry this is late Shai! You rock!
    16. Shai did a partial trade with me for my Cynical Yujin. She sent me a Volks MSD girl body and paid the difference...She has to be the sweetest person on the planet. I loved doing the trade with her, she shipped on time, paid on time, the body looks great and was packaged wonderfully. She's so fun to chat with, and I'd buy from or sell to her any time!
      Thank you Shai! <3
    17. Shai bought my modded LadySaiyuki chibi Ted on a short layaway, and it was a fantastic transaction!! Payments were made on time, her communication was super-friendly, and she let me know as soon as the little guy arrived. Fabulous transaction, I wouldn't hesitate to deal with Shai again!!
    18. perfect buyer! everything went fast and smooth!
    19. I traded some msd shoes for msd boots! She is so sweet and lovely to deal with!! I hope to have a transaction with her again! Thank you so much for the trade Shai!!
    20. I bought a couple of shirts and a sundress from Shai. She was wonderful to work with. she even went out of her way to make sure I got my package as soon as possible! I would happily do buisness with her again!