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Feedback for Shainingu

Jul 24, 2010

    1. The user Shainingu had a bunch of items on hold from me. I made it clear if I was to hold the items till she could pay that I wasnt holding them unless she was positive she would buy them. She confirmed with me several times before I put them on hold. Only a few days to a week later did she say I cant pay for the items anymore im sorry. This user was going through some problems but never should have agreed to put items on hold if she wasnt sure of buying them. This user is irresponsible and new to buying and now im going to have to sell my items elsewhere. Please exert caution when selling to this user.
    2. Shinaingu purchased a Kid Delf Lemon from me and was such a pleasure to work with. Communication was wonderful and prompt, she paid quickly on the layaway dates, and completed layaway long before the set finish date. I would love to do business with her again!
    3. Shinaingu bought clothes from me. She let me know when they arrived. I would love to do business with her again!
    4. Shainingu decided to purchase a pair of eyes and shirt from me. This time she was very prompt and paid on time, she told me when her package arrived and was grateful for the extras I gave her. All in all a pleasant transaction ^^
    5. I sold a MSD sized dress to Shainingu and it was another great transaction! Communication and payment were prompt and she is just wonderful to do business with. Thanks again!
    6. Sold a shirt and shoes with Shainingu, was really patient with my sporadic shipping and was quick to reply and pay :D! Thanks for buying ^^!!
    7. Just recently completed a fantastic transaction with Shainingu! I believe it was her first sale, and I purchased a lovely old Delf Chiwoo from her on layaway. She was ever so sweet and professional, even when I expressed some concerns in the beginning. She kept up communication throughout the transaction, and even included some bonus gifts since she couldn't get to the post office immediately after my final payment. I definitely recommend Shainingu as a seller! Thanks so much :D
    8. I recently completed a FANTASTIC transaction with dear Shainingu! She sold me a lovely KDF Lemon, and the process was an absolute dream come true. She was extremely communicable, punctual, polite, and completely sweet throughout the process. I would absolutely love to work with her in the future! > w <~~
    9. Shainingu bought a doll wig from me and the transaction was fantastic from beginning to end. :) The buyer was cordial, prompt at communicating and notified me upon the item's arrival. A pleasure to deal with! :thumbup

      Thank you very much~! :aheartbea