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Feedback for Shameless

Jul 16, 2007

    1. Please post your feedback for me if you've had any type of transaction with me.:)

    2. LOVELY USER!! Shameless is one of the nicest person in the world! He commissioned me a skirt and he was aways fast in reply and very very funny to talk with :D
    3. shameless participated in a group order i ran. she paid quickly and had great communication. highly recommended.
    4. Shameless commissioned me another outfit for her lovely boy and she's really a sweet heart!!! Wonderful communication and fast payment!! THANK YOU!! :D
    5. Great Buyer, good person. Prompt Payment, Great communication. Good Transaction. Would do business with Shamless again :)
    6. Great buyer!! shameless bought 2 pair eyes and some lashes from me, she has excellent communication and payment was super fast.
    7. Fast paid, good comunication ! Great buyer ! thank you very much ^^ !
    8. It was a great & hassel-free transaction with Shameless. Hope we can deal again.

      AAA+++ :)
    9. Shameless bought a doll from me on layaway. She told me when she would pay on what dates and she followed through beautifully. Great communication and a real sweetheart.
      I can highly recommend Shameless!
    10. I did a face up for Shameless and she was a great client. Great communication and fast with shipping and payment. Thanks for the opportunity!
    11. Shameless bought some boots from me, it was another
      smooth and pleasant transaction. Thanks again!
    12. Nice buyer! Prompt payment! Highly recommended! =D Thank you!
    13. An excellent buyer! :) Thank you so much and sorry I was late to post this!
    14. Shameless bought a Teen Trends outfit from me. She's very nice throughout PM's, paid promptly, and she let me know when it arrived. Wonderful buyer and I hope to do besiness with again. ^__^
    15. Shameless bought a pair of 16mm acrylic eyes from me (Schulze default) and she was very nice, paid fast and kept an excellent communication.

      Thanks so much! <3
    16. Shameless participated in a recent Dollmore Group Order I ran. Communication was fantastic & payments were quick. Thank you so much for helping to make the GO a success! :D
    17. Shameless participated in my very first Dream of Doll group order and we split Too and Bee-A. :D She's so friendly and easy to talk to and everything was just awesome. Communication was perfect and payments were made with lightning quick speed. We've even decided to split the set again so I can get a Too and she can get a Bee-A. :whee: So I'll be back with positive feedback again, undoubtedly.

      :clover Thank you so much for splitting the set with me!! ^o^ I appreciate it! :clover
    18. Shameless was kind enough to let me give her beautiful boy a face. Great communication, and was easy to talk to! She was kind enough to send me gifts along with a nice donation. WONDERFUL USER! &#9829; &#9829; &#9829; &#9829;
    19. I bought the rest of Shameless' doll collection, as she'll be out of the hobby for a bit. I tell you that it is an unfortunate circumstance, because she is a wonderful seller, a delightful person, and was prompt with all her messages despite not being in the hobby anymore. Come back soon, Shameless!