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Feedback for Shamps

May 3, 2008

    1. Hey, figured i'd go ahead and made my feedback thread since i plan to go and buy a few things as well as maybe sometime make some things to sell ^^

    2. Shamps bought a wig from me. There was great communication through the transaction, she was very nice and friendly, and paid promptly.
      Thanks! :)
    3. Shamps bought a pair of butterfly eyes from me. Friendly communication and prompt payment. Followed up to let me know she received them and liked them.
    4. I sold a pair of rainbow SOOM eyes to Shamps.
      Communication was great, payment was fast, and overall very friendly.
      Please enjoy your eyes! ^3^
    5. Shamps bought a pair of red Dollmore eyes from me, and everything was perfect :D

      Lovely and sweet buyer, thanks so much! <3
    6. I sold 2 pairs of shoes to Shamp. Good communication and prompt payment.

      A very lovely buyer~:clover
    7. I sold a pair of wings to Shamps.
      She paid fast and was wonderful in keeping in touch, letting me know when it arrived safely also. Would certainly do business with again. :)
      Thank you for a smooth transaction! Enjoy the wings~
    8. Shamps joined my recent Dollmore Order. Payments were prompt and communication was great! Thanks for being a part of the order =)
    9. I sold a pair of jeans to Shamps.
      Great communication and fast payment.

      Thank you so much! :)
    10. Shamps was a participant in my For My Doll group order and was a pleasure to deal with. :D

      Everything went smoothly and I am very grateful for that.

      :clover Thank you for being such a wonderful participant! :clover
    11. Shamps also participated in an MSC group order I ran.
      She was wonderful despite all the problems. Enjoy!!
    12. 1+ for Shamps w/ a longish explanation.

      At the beginning of June 08, I joined the Leeke GO that Shamps was hosting. I paid then and the order was placed on the 18th like expected. The items were supposed to take around 30 days to be made and shipped. Well, by the 24th of August, we still had heard nothing from Leeke on the status of our order. Leeke had posted that all orders would be ready to ship out and people would get their tracking numbers nearly 2 weeks previously but we got nothing.

      I had purchased the wig for an SD boy I had, who during the course of the GO had gotten traded away. I have no other dolls that would be able to wear the wig, so I was out about $35 with no wig, and no reason to keep waiting for it.

      I asked her if I could get a refund even though the wig was probably already made. She kindly agreed to refund me the money even though she'd be losing money from her own pocket. She even was so nice as to pay the money to the store where I was currently paying off a doll.

      She went out of her way to make this right for me. Thank you so much!
    13. I joined a LeekeWorld group order Shamps run.
      Everything went smoothly and it's my pleasure to deal with her.

      Thank you.^^
    14. I participated in a Leeke GO that Shamps hosted. She was wonderful through the whole process. Thanks again, Shamps! :)
    15. I was in on a Leeke order run by Shamps. She kept the thread updated and let us know when our order was pushed back by Leeke. I was informed when my item was shipped to me which is something not everyone does. I would love to be in on another run by Shamps in the future. :)
    16. I participated in Shamps' Leeke GO. She was great with replying to PMs-- quick, professional and friendly. She did a great job keeping up with the details and was clear and up-to-date every step of the way. I wouldn't hesitate to business with her again or recommend her to others. A+ group order organizer!
    17. Shamps purchased a pair of eyes and a wig from me. Quick to pay, let me know when the items arrived and was an all around extremely pleasent person to deal with. Definitly recommend to all future dealers. ^_^b
    18. Shamps purchased my Dollzone Yume from me on a Layaway, she paid on time, excellent to deal with now im happy that my Yume went to a loving home :D
    19. Shamps participated in my late April Nine9 Style group order run and she was once again, a complete pleasure to deal with! Payments were sent quickly and communication was well kept on her end. :D Much appreciated~

      :clover Thankies!! :clover
    20. Shamps just finished a layaway with me for dollage. I hadn't set any firm deadline so was doubly delighted with how quickly she completed the layaway (less than a month). As others have mentioned, she's great with communication.

      Very much recommended as a buyer!