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Feedback for Shankula *Ange*

Jun 15, 2007

    1. I have needed a feedback thread for a while and of course, am late as always starting it...so here it is. If you are leaving feedback for me but I haven't seen/replied to your feedback thread, please PM me and remind me what the item was, and I'll rectify that right away. My ebay feedback is under ' dolljewelsbyange '.
    2. Ange or better known here on DOA as Shankula is a doll to deal with.. I have purchased from her , done Group sales with her when shes ran them , not to mention shes a fabulous faceup artist and I have had the pleasure to see her work first hand before on my doll

      I highly recommend her in all aspects be it selling, buying . faceups and or trades.
    3. OMG I've been doing biz with Ange for YEARS...many...many...many...ANYWAY, you can't go wrong with THIS chicky. She's honest, talented and all kinds of good people.
      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    4. And I have many, many treasures accrued over the several years I have known her. She's a brilliant jeweler and a delightful woman. She's also a little bonkers, which is a VERY good thing in this business, because it means she doesn't make the same thing everybody else makes, AND she never makes the same thing twice. You're not going to run into your lovely piece on someone else---or someone else's doll. She is absolutely passionate about the quality of her work and positively delights in finding unusual jewels, tiny chain, microscopic pearls----all the things "true" jewelers dream of. I'm very lucky to count her as one of my dear :aheartbea friends, after all these years, but I can also say with complete detachment that she is (barring Cellini or those other old Italian guys) one of the best of the best.
    5. Ange is a dear friend, and an all around wonderful gal! I have sold items TO her, and also purchased items FROM her ~ Either way, she is great - very honest, pleasant, and talented! And her face-ups, mods and jewelry are FABULOUS! I highly recommend her!!! :D

    6. I have purchased items and had faceups done by Ange all with fabulous success. Buy or trade with confidence you wont be disappointed. She is reliable and great at communication during the process. :)
    7. Don't be afraid of Shankula! She does great faceup art, I've bought jewelry and other things with great success. Meticulous work and good communication make for happy transactions. You will be happy.
    8. Though I've never had her preform her face-up magic on any of my Horde, they do wear her fantastic jewelry. I have at least four of her pieces in my collection and have never once been anything but delighted with design or quality. All the materials are the best quality and the workmanship is meticulous.
    9. I participated in a 4D group order that Ange ran at ZoZ. She handled everything very well. I was quite pleased and would not hesitate to buy from her in the future.
    10. Ange has done more than one faceup for my dolls. She's done a complete eye opening for my Ryung, a faceup on my So Ji and is currently doing work on my Red and my Red Reminisce head. Ange is one very talented face up artist.

      Ange also has been making doll jewelry for years and my first purchase from her was in person at a convention where she was selling doll jewelry for the Tonner dolls. I now have a collection of great earrings for my Dollfies from Ange.

      I love this lady and can't praise her enough. Please do not hesitate to do business with her!!!!
    11. I had an Excellent transaction with Ange. She ran a Very Professional Luts Group order and i received my All time Favorite outfit from that order. I would Love to be a part of any group order run by her or any transaction with Ange. She is fantastic !!!
    12. Ange's jewelry is the best there is! Her work is beautiful. She also came to the rescue when my DOD Camine got some scratches on his face. She did an excellent job of repairing his faceup. He's pretty again! She also redid the black manicure on my Elf Ducan's claw hands and did a manicure on some Lishe hands I'd bought for a friend. Both manicures were awesome and have not chipped a bit.

      I've also been in a a couple of group orders that Ange has headed up. She's professional, courteous and always keeps the group informed. I would never hesitate to join another order she's involved in.
    13. I was in one of Ange's group orders and she handled it so smoothly. I had my wig so quickly. She's the best at organizing group orders.
    14. I was also in on one of the LUTS group orders run by Ange. Great all the way! Thanks!

    15. ange has purchased lots of things from me! always pays quickly and is super to deal with! two thumbs up for a fabu person!
    16. Ange is tops with communication, helping others, sharing important information... very creative and fun. I'd do business again with her anytime.
    17. Ange bought one of my lace sd sweaters. not only was the payment fast and friendly, but she helps with good paise for my work, when I try a new design. Would buy from or sell to anytime!!!!!
    18. Givin' a feedback building bump...
    19. I just got my I-Elf Peach from Ange and shes perfect. Shes such a perfect little doll. I absolutely adore her. Ange gave her a little face lift before she sent her on... Thank you so much Ange you made my day!
    20. I was in Shankula's August 4D order, and everything went very smoothly! She was also great on communication. Thanks!