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Feedback for Shara

Oct 26, 2009

    1. If you have bought from me or sold anything to me, please leave feedback here!
    2. [SIZE="-10"]Shara participated in my SOOM Alk and Yrie splits and was absolutely fantabulous to work with! :D Communication left nothing to be desired and payments were swift! It was a very pleasant transaction and I would be more than willing to do business with her again in the future!

      :aheartbea Thank you for your participation in this split order!! :aheartbea
    3. Shara participated in my Dollflower GO.
      She made a quick payment and has waited so long time patiently.
      Great transaction with her. ^^ Thanks!
    4. Shara took part in my Soom MD split. Communication was flawless and payment were made promptly. An excellent buyer to match an excellent transaction. I'd work with her once again without hesitation! Excellent. :)

      Thank you so much! ;)

      :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~ :daisy ~
    5. Shara bought some clothes from me and was a patient and sweet buyer.
      Communications were kept up well and she was very understanding. :)
      Thank you for the smooth transaction! :daisy
    6. [FONT=宋体]she purchased doll glass eyes from me and it was a pleasure to do business with her! she is very kind and friendly ,There were no problems with the transactions, and communication was great. Thank you very much! and i sincerely recommend you to all people[/FONT][FONT=宋体]2010 Christmas Action[/FONT][FONT=宋体]One pair eyes(normal dome)+One set eyelashes=9.89$[/FONT][FONT=宋体]from 22th Nov. until 22th Dec.[/FONT][FONT=宋体]it is high appreciated to bring this information to your friends[/FONT]
    7. Had a very pleasant transaction with Shara, she purchased some Brava Bambi boots from me, excellent communication and paid promptly - thank you for letting me know they arrived safely!
    8. Very good feedback to Sarah!

      I purchased a Soom Pyrol from her and it was a real plasure!
      She was quick to respond to my messages and was so kind to put Pyrol on hold to me!
      He was sendt Tuesday (from Finland) and arrived today, Thursday (In Denmark)

      Thank you for a sweet deal ~
    9. Shara ordered 3 custom hoodies from me recently and was fantastic to deal with! Very patient and understanding when I forgot a hoodie detail, thanks again!!
    10. Bought a headback from me and everything went great!
    11. Shara purchased jeans from me and the transaction was great. Communication was friendly and payment was quick. Thanks again!
    12. Shara ordered two fur wigs from me, including one custom design. She was very good in communicating the details of the custom wig (even sent an awesome pic!), as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wigs arrived safely. I'd be happy to work with her again, anytime!

      Thanks again for a wonderful transaction! ^_^
    13. I bought a wig from Shara, communication was very good, she provided more pictures upon my request and shipped the wig super-fast. Thank you.
    14. Shara ordered another two fur wigs from me and once again it was a pleasure doing business with her. ^_^ Our communication was smooth and payment was prompt--just lovely overall! I'd be more than happy to work with her once again. ^_^
    15. This time Shara ordered a custom fur wig from me and was once again delightful to work with! Great at communicating the details of the custom design (she sent a series of four sketches of different views of the wig which were so amazing to work with), as well as quick with payment and quick to let me know when the wig arrived safely. I'd be happy to work with her again, anytime!

      Thanks again for a great transaction! ^_^
    16. Shara bought some Volks hands from me. Perfect transaction! Quick payment, good communication and she let me know when they arrived. Thanks very much <3
    17. I bought an S&M wig from Shara and she was a wonder to deal with! She shipped the wig out right away and was really friendly communicating! I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again in the future!
      Thanks again!
    18. I purchased 18mm urethane eyes from Sade and they are as depicted. The shipping was really quick and not expensive and the communication was fluent. I appreciate it a lot and if given the chance I would deal with her anytime =)
      Thank you!!
    19. I sold Shara a Soom Beyla doll on her WTB request.
      Communication was great, and paid promptly.
      A good buyer.
      Thank you.^^