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Feedback for SheCow

Nov 5, 2009

    1. Hello! Please leave me your feed back here.

    2. SheCow bought an SD 10 body from me, and the transaction was smooth and quick. I would not hesitate to buy or sell from her in the future.
    3. SheCow brought two of my dolls to LIFE! She is amazingly talented and very nice to deal with. My doll's heads were painted beautifully and were sent to me lovingly packed ~ and arrived safely. :aheartbea

      I recommend her to everyone! I will certainly be coming back to her for more of her artistry!

    4. I'm speechless......Yesterday my kids return home after a visit to SheCow and my eyes where brought to a tear of Joy! I'm so amazed at her detail of work, she brought my Lil ones to life!
      I foresee full commission and waiting lists for her in the future, catch her while you can!
      I'm so astounded by her works that I've named the very first one she transformed after her!
      I'm Highly Recommending her to all of you, she's has awesome communication skills, ideas of beauty, a wonderful sense of colors and imagination, another plus is that they arrive home with TLC....
      From my Heart Ming... I Thank you, I can't wait to she how you transform the next two;)
      :aheartbea :moo:aheartbea

      Ming my Elf
      Little Fee ws Chiwoo
    5. I bought an SD10 Body from SheCow, she was extremely nice, and the transaction was very quick! ^^
    6. I commissioned SheCow to do a face-up for my Dolkot Junior Day... what an honor to work with her!

      She is extremely polite, prompt and an excellent communicator, but most of all her work is breath-taking. She brought my boy to life with art full of emotion. You can tell she loves doing what she does - it shows in the details of her work.

      Pictures cannot do her talent justice, but here are some images of the work she did on my boy. I am so proud!




      I can't recommend her enough.

      SheCow, thank you again for doing such a beautiful face-up on my boy! He's perfect. :D
    7. I comissioned a face-up from She-Cow and she was wonderful to work with! She was ready to take him when she had said she would be, she took my insanely detailed directions very well and did an amazing job!

      I also had problems with moving while she had my head, but she worked everything out and it went more smoothly than I ever could have hoped for. I will definitely be back for more! :D
    8. I commissioned She-Cow to do a faceup on my Felixdoll brownie and she did a great job. She was able to enhance a sculpt that I wasn't too crazy about to the point where now I love it. Thank you She-Cow for a wonderful faceup. I would definitely commission her again sometime.
    9. I just received my light cyan Kiera face up back from SheCow. I absolutely love the work she did on this face up, giving Kiera a wonderful, annoyed look, beautiful use of color and lovely detail. I definitely recommend SheCow!
    10. SheCow painted two of my tan mini Planetdolls and they came out absolutely gorgeous. She was wonderful to work with; constant communication. I highly recommend her.
    11. SheCow just finished a faceup for me, and did a lovely job based on my descriptions. My doll turned out exactly as I wanted! Excellent communication too. I really appreciate the schedule she keeps in her commission thread. I will be a happy repeat customer.

      Linda S.
    12. I commissioned a faceup from SheCow and she did amazing work on my SDC Kaede! My doll turned out exactly as I wanted her to be and I couldn't be happier with the result- she's perfect! Great communication throughout the process, quick shipping, and an all-around wonderful transaction! SheCow is a very talented artist and I highly recommend her. I'd be more than happy to commission through her again when I need another faceup. Thanks so much! :)
    13. I commissioned SheCow for a faceup on my Leeke Romeo and she did a wonderful job! I also asked her to blush the head to match a SuperGem body and she did an outstanding job. She perfectly captured his personality, even with my vague description. She was also kind enough to attach his eyelashes at the last minute, even though I had originally forgotten to ask for them.

      Wonderful artist, and a pleasure to deal with!
    14. SheCow did another faceup for me, and I am thrilled. I've wanted this boy for a long time, and she brought him to life for me exactly as I wanted him. She is wonderul to work with!!

      Lowell, my NinoDoll Bada, faceup by SheCow.

      Linda S.
    15. SheCow's painted two dolls for me, and she's done an amazing job each time ^^ I'll definitely be asking her to paint all my dolls from now on! Her faceups are lovely and very well done, and she communicates quickly. She's a total sweetheart too. ♥ I highly recommend her to anyone!
    16. Shecow painted my Zion and did a GORGEOUS job! Is very friendly, great communication, fast shipping, wonderful careful packing. Highly recommend! If I find my dolls need a face up I will be contacting her again! :)
    17. I bought SDGr Minoru head from Shecow. The transaction was good and smooth ^^ Shecow's very nice person and polite. More than 100% positive feedback for her

      Thanks a lot!!!
    18. SheCow did an awesome faceup commission on my little Cookie! She was super polite and informative. Thank you so much Ming!


      Love her!
    19. SheCow has done four faceups for me now, and I am so pleased with them all! Her faceup work is incredibly refined and professional, and her communication is always prompt.

      She was SO patient with me! I had her redo the faceup on my first and very favorite BJD, and she did a perfect job. She redid him numerous times, on two separate visits, until I was entirely happy with him. I would be thrilled to have her do more faceups for me, any time.


      Linda S.
    20. SheCow recently did a faceup for my Dream of Doll I-ra. She was very patient waiting for me to send her out.
      Was very quick once she did get her, quick shipping and extremely well packaged. She did an amazing job
      of recapturing the style I-ra's default faceup while adding her own style to it thus making her even more
      beautiful than she was before.

      Would love to commission her again sometime!