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Feedback for Shelai

Dec 8, 2010

    1. Please post feedback here. May it all be positive:)!
    2. I feel honored to be the first to give Shelai very positive feedback! She bought a wig from me and it was a great transaction. Friendly PMs and fast payment! A perfect customer!:thumbup

      Thanks again, Shelai and enjoy the wig!:)
    3. Shelai purchased a Dollzone Annie from me recently and I can't find words nice enough to describe the transaction. Her communication was great, her payment prompt, and she told me right away when the doll arrived to her. A++ all around~ I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. :D
    4. Sold a Pukifee Bonnie to shelai and the transaction was perfect. She replied to pms promptly and was always nice in communications. She also paid quickly. Would definitely do business with again, highly recommended.
    5. shelai recently participated in my Luck O' the Irish Swap and was an awesome swap partner! She was polite, sent her items out on time and sent her partner a lovely swap package. I would recommend shelai to any swap host. Thanks! :]
    6. Shelai bought a wig from me and everything was great!! Highly recommended!! :D
    7. Shelai bought a pair of shoes from me. The transaction was perfect, I would love to do business with her again. Thank you!!
    8. Shelai adopted my MNF Shushu and the it was a very pleasant experience! She was quick with responses and also very kind!