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Feedback for Shelly667 :)

Oct 6, 2008

    1. I would really appreciate it if you could leave feedback for me here :) Thank you! :aheartbea
    2. Sold an outfit to Shelly667 and the transaction was just perfect!! She was very communicative and kept me updated on everything!

      I would definately sell to her again :D
    3. Shelly bought a puki limited set from me, was easy to work with and communicated regularly. Thank you ^_^
    4. shelly667 bought my alice cherry blossom. she was the perfect buyer and so lovely to deal with, thanks again xxx
    5. I sold a head to Shelly667 - she placed the head on hold and paid promptly when she said she would. She was friendly and communicative. Thanks for a great transaction!
    6. Shelly bought a Chinchilla charm from me, and was just as sweet and patient as can be! excellent buyer! would definitely do buisness again!!
    7. Shelly667 bought 2 crowns from me. She was very nice and her communication was great. Her payment was fast. I would be happy to sell to her again.:aheartbea
    8. Shelly667 bought two necklaces from me, paid right when she said she'd be able to, and was a wonderful person to work with alltogether. Great transaction, more than happy to do business with again ^_^.
    9. Shelly667 bought a hairband from me :D our transaction was so smooth and just perfect! I couldn't ask for more from her ^_^ she was a great buyer, very friendly and very nice :D also kept everything updated ^_^ thank you very much again and I hope you enjoy the accessories!

    10. Shelly667 bought a Latidoll Cookie SP from me. Her payment was fast, her communication was always polite and friendly, and I had the huge pleasure to meet her in person when she visited Canada and picked up the doll in person. Thank you! :D
    11. Shelly667 was part of my Minimee Cat GO. She was an excellent participant, easy to communicate with and paid everything on time, and even volunteered to wait for the second shipment when we found out it was being split into two. A wonderful participant, I'd be happy to deal with her again any time!
    12. I took on a really fun project for Shelly667, turning a blue skin BBB Pandora into Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas.
      She was so sweet to come all the way from Amsterdam to pick her up, PLUS she gots me some chocolates! :chocoheart

      Thanks so much, honey! :)
    13. Shelly667 commissioned 2 wigs from my shop~ She was wonderful! fast payment~ super understanding~ just overall a wonderful customer~ Come back anytime~
    14. Sold a MSD/SD stand to Shelly667 and so far has been a great transaction. I was paid promptly and communication has been pleasant and fast. Would love to deal with again!
    15. I sold a Puki wig to Shelly...great transaction!
    16. Shelly667 took part in my Soom Amber split. She was wonderful to deal with, very prompt payment and quick communication. Excellent split member! :) Would gladly deal with again.
    17. Shelly commissioned some custom scalemail from me. She was great with communication, and she let me know when it arrived.

      Thanks so much!
    18. I was part of a split hold by Shelly, for a Beyla human head.
      She was really super kind, get me informed of every steps of the order, and even add some gifts to the head ^^
      Communication was excellent, would for sure deal again with her :)
    19. Shelly667 was one of my Soom splits, she was very understand when things came up and paid on time and was wonderful with communication. Would love to have in another split/go again or even join on they host :)
    20. Shelly667 was a participant in a minimee group order that I ran. She paid quickly, kept great comunication and was wonderful to deal with. Would recomend anytime :)