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Feedback for Sherri1993

May 21, 2010

    1. My Feedback Thread

      Alright, so I sold a few items and a doll and I think it's time I got myself a feedback thread so here I am! :D

      Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me thus far.
      Could you guys drop me a feedback after you've received your items?
      Thank you so much! :D
    2. I'm going to start you off with a very glowing report Sheeri!

      I've just received a real skin Iplehouse Jessica from Sherri and she's absolutely amazing. Sherri shipped the doll from Singapore on Monday ( very well packed ) and she arrived today ( Wednesday ) in the UK! I also purchased a Dollkot wig which I love!
      Communication was great and Sheeri is a friendly helpful person.

      Thankyou so much :)
    3. I bought some SD and Model-sized clothing from Sherri. She is very friendly and prompt, and I really appreciate her shipping out a few days earlier than expected. I am happy with the items and am really glad for a pleasant transaction ^__^
    4. I bought Enchanted Doll Eyes from Sherri. It's a very smooth and easy transaction.
      She's very good in communication and friendly.
      The eyes arrived just couple of days! Perfect and beautiful! Thank you!!
      I'd definitely to do business again with her in the future.
      Highly recommend her to anyone!!
      :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea
    5. I bought a gorgeous dress from her It was a very easy transaction, she was great to deal with, and I'd definitely recommend her.
    6. Got a IOS Sezz from Sherri1993 and what a wonderful person to deal with! Highly recommend, excellent communication and very friendly all around, thanks again!
    7. I bought a couple of pairs of urethane eyes from Sherri1993. GREAT communication, FAST shipping, and the eyes arrived in PERFECT condition!:celebrate :dance :cheer

      Thanks SO much, sweetie! :D

    8. I bought a doll from Sherri1993. She is a wonderful person to buy from. Great communication. She packed the doll very carefully so she arrived in perfect condition. I would gladly buy from her again!
    9. I really hate having to be "that one comment" but here it goes.
      In January, I commissioned Sherri to paint my littlest doll, a Puki Puki Pukisha. I received him today and I must say he looks pretty good. Though I have a few complaints:
      He came in a plastic container, in pieces, with almost all of his magnets popped out. I can understand that they may have popped out during shipping but the bit in the plastic container worried me only because if he was shaken up he could have been damaged.
      He didn't have his strings. I remember her messaging me about the strings and I told her that even though they were stained they worked fine and that it wouldn't be a problem for me to restring him back with the strings. But she didn't send them.
      So I have a wonderful doll, beautifully painted...in pieces.
      Though our communication dwindled in the past few months due to some personal issues, she was prompt and responded every message I sent her.
      Personally, I won't commission her again, but she's an excellent faceup artist to those who'd like to commission her.
    10. I bought a pair of Dollshe eyes from Sherri. She shipped them super fast, and they arrived safe and sound and were just what I was looking for. An excellent international transaction! :)
    11. I bought a nice nDOLL wig that I have been after for a while from Sherri1993. It was indeed very well packed and was sent by registered airmail which is probably one of the best and cheapest shipping options available. :) Great communication and very nice person to deal with. Overall was a very satisfying transaction. Thank you for everything!!
    12. I bought Sliver Eyes from Sherri. She's very nice and friendly.
      The eyes are perfect and beautiful!
      I'd definitely recommend her to anyone!
    13. I purchased a wig from Sherri, and it shipped straightaway and arrived in great time. It was packaged very adorably, too!
    14. Awesome delivery of outfit, everything packed safely. A++ :D
    15. I purchased a Dollmore Cardigan from Sherri1993, which was well packed and shipped quickly. :)
      I would recommend Sherri1993 to anyone.
      Thank you for a friendly and flawless transaction!:D
    16. Sherri bought a Migidoll Ryu head from me. The communication was extremely friendly and quick, and payment was super fast! She let me know right away when the doll head arrived.
      Thank you for a great transaction!~
    17. I bought a Migidoll Ryu head from Sherri. She's super quick to respond and super quick to ship. The head arrived very carefully packed. I'd definitely purchase from her again with no hesitation. Thanks!
    18. Bought a dolly bed from Sherri1993 and was pleased at the transaction. It was fully functional when I picked it up from her and she was prompt in replies as well. Thanks again!
    19. I purchased a bjd head from Sherri and the transaction was perfect, with excellent communication, timely shipping, and great packaging. I would happily buy from her again.

      Thank you, Sherri!
    20. I bought a Souldoll Vito Lester from Sherri, and it was an excellent transaction. She was fast and clear in her communcation and the doll arrived here swiftly. He was well packed and beautiful and came with all his papers plus his original receipt (which I didn't ask for but she included on her own, which I think is very nice of her). In short, a great transaction and I would be happy buying from her again:).