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Feedback for Sherry^^

Sep 28, 2008

    1. Sherry commissioned me to make a cardigan^^ She is a lovely person to deal with, she paid quickly and we had great contact thorough the transaction, so I'm starting her feedback thread:)
    2. I had a fabulous transaction with Sherry...I bought a Narae from her, and not only is the doll really beautiful, but she mailed Narae out immediately too! Communication was wonderful as well--the emails were very friendly and prompt. I highly recommend Sherry...Thank you! :)
    3. I have been buying doll things from Sherry for years! Everything is always top notch and of the finest quality. She is always so courteous and nice - would never hesitate to buy from her. P.S. Now if she would only learn to let me buy her dolls that I want!
    4. I offered a head for Sherry. PM was so kind and transaction was so fast!
      I totally recommend her as a great buyer. Thank you very much! ;)
    5. Sherry is Delightful to deal with, and a wonderful artist. I got a Sabik from her, great faceup, he's my favorite Sabik I've ever seen!!! (Not sure how to post photos here yet, but I will soon! I have photos of him in my Doll Page album, the first DP, username Sage.)

      Sherry writes great emails, too, LOL, I would love to meet her in person.

      Oh, and the Sabik was well packed and shipped quickly. I highly recommend Sherry.
    6. Sherry is a talented artist and wonderful to deal with. Don't hesitate to enter into a transaction with her.
    7. They don't come any nicer than Sherry. A totally great transaction. Super fast payment and wonderful and pleasant communication. I highly recommend Sherry - She's A+++++.
    8. Sherry is fabulous. A wonderful artist and a true professional. I highly recommend her!!!
    9. Sherry sold me a Realskin Evan head for a very reasonable price. She double-boxed and super wrapped the package so well I was having trouble getting into it, and worked hard to get me the best and safest shipping method possible for the best price. Thank you so much, Sherry ~ I am over the moon with this head and it was a lovely transaction!!!
    10. She was the nicest person too deal with, great personality and helpful. I recieved My Mano FFaaaaaasssttt!! And he was magnificent!! I didn't realize she did the faceup until I asked, wow, talented!!!! He was in perfect condition, even the box! I would definitely buy from her again, even just to keep in touch!! I can't stop admiring my new Mano!!
    11. and he is stunning!! The best I've gotten yet!! And I have four Manos!! She was genuine and great to deal with and I would certainly do more business with her!!! Especially with her gorgeous dolls!!!
    12. Sherry sold me a Migidoll Ryu on a D.I.M body.

      Sherry sold me a Migidoll Ryu on a D.I.M body with a good price and the doll was really amazing condition I would totally recommend her! Sherry was also wonderful to work with and the communication was really great, she was really nice and very helpful. I would work with her again. ^_^ thanks Sherry!!
    13. POSITIVE: Sherry joined a S&K Go I ran, and had fabulous communication, which made placing the order so much easier. Payments were quick. Perfect member! I highly recommend Sherry and would do business again with her!
    14. I bought Olivia from Sherry and absolutely happy!!! She is the nicest person to deal with and the greatest artist! She did a fabulous faceup for Olivia! I would certainly do more business with her!!!
    15. I sold a Lishe to Sherry and she was an absolute dream to sell to! Great communication, quick payment, and friendly as well.
      Thank you!
    16. Sherry was a split partner with me for a doll, she got the head and outfit and I got the body. Sherry was perfect to deal with, excellent communication, prompt payment! Wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again anytime.
    17. I contacted Sherry about the possibility splitting the Soom Dia that she had for sale, and to my giddy surprise, she went out of her way to see the split through for me! ;v;

      Communication was absolutely fantastic throughout, and she was kind enough to return the leftover shipping money when USPS's shipping calculator went wacky, haha. The head arrived very quickly, was exceptionally well packed, and was in completely fantastic condition!

      Sherry is a total sweetheart, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate to do business with her in the future~ And you shouldn't either! XD
    18. Sherry is a really nice and lovely lady to communicate with. She have commissioned me a design gown for her Jessica and the discussion went really well and smooth! Sherry always do payment on time and I wouldn't hesitate to do another gown for her lovely girls!!!!! Just tumb up for her!
    19. I bought Iplehouse Soo head from Sherry and she was just great to deal with and the head came extremely well wrapped and super fast! Thanks so much!!
    20. Sherry purchased a doll from me and she was extremely easy and pleasant to work with! Her communication is always prompt and friendly, payment was immediate and she let me know when the package arrived! Thank you! I really appreciate the smooth transaction! Highly recommend Sherry! :)