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Feedback for Shien

Mar 25, 2012

    1. Please leave any feedback for transactions you've had with me here. Thank you! ^_^
    2. I had a smooth transaction with Shien who bought FeePle65 Lorence Fullset Outfit from me. She prompt on payment, friendly communication and let me know once she got her clothes. I'm happy to have her as my buyer! Thanks~
    3. I bought a Rosetta-doll Zio head from Shien. She was kind, quick to respond and punctual to ship and even went to the trouble of sending me all of the company sales pictures since the site itself is (temporarily?) unavailable. All around a wonderful transaction, thank you very much!
    4. I bought a Dollzone Clare from Shien. She was very nice to deal with and let me do quite a long layaway. She was very easy to communicate with and always replied to emails. She sent the doll very well packaged and threw in some freebies (THANK U SHIEN!!!). Highly recommended seller! Thanks os much Shien! :) :) :)
    5. I bought some clothing from Shien.
      The user was amazingly kind and informed me when the dress was shipped.
      The dress arrived very well packed and in a perfect condition.
      What a great seller indeed. C :
    6. I bought the Amors 'Mr. Hat' Outfit Set from Shien. Communication was brilliant and she answered all my questions, as I was worried the clothing wouldn't fit my girl. The set was shipped out and arrived quickly as well. Thank you so much!!!
    7. Shien purchased some Leekeworld resin parts from me. Communication was great, payment was prompt, and she was a pleasure to work with. Thank you very much :)!
    8. Shien purchased a MNF outfit from me. Payment was very prompt, communication was clear, and she let me know when the outfit arrived! Many thanks!
    9. I purchased a Soom cream white little gem body from Shien, she mailed it quickly and very well packaged with lots of bubble wrap! I would do business with her again anytime! Thank you so much! :)
    10. I Bought Soom Ace parts from Shien~ They arrived super dooper fast!!! Well packed in bubble wrap and paper *_* in perfect condition!!!!
      Was great to communicate with ;D super happy thumbs up!!!

    11. I purchased Soom Goss hooves from Shien, they were will pack and was a pleasure to deal with!:)
    12. Shien bought a Kid delf head from me, it was a great transaction with friendly communication and fast replies to my messages! Shien had some problems with her credit card, but told me at once and payed as soon as she got her new card. She also kindly let me know that the head had arrived safely ^.^

      I would definitely trade with Shien again given the chance, thank you for a great transaction! :)
    13. I joined Shien's split in Soom's Free choice event for a head. Shien was easy to communicate with, replied fast and shipped my head soon after I chose the shipping method. She kept me updated on the split. I recommend her for any transactions and splits. I would gladly be in another transaction with her, she is a lovely person.
    14. I bought a Volks Sdgr body with extras from Shien on a 1 month layaway. Absolutely wonderful to do business with! Quick communication, and helped me out with any questions I had. Shien shipped the doll on time and it arrived in perfect condition! I would glady buy from Shien again! :)
    15. I bought feeple Lorence outfit from shien. She accepted my layaway plan and was very nice and prompt with answers to any questions I had. I would gladly buy from her again. :D
    16. I bought a Rosenlied from shien and she was shipped quickly, packaged carefully, and in perfect condition. Thanks so much!
    17. Did a split with shien and everything ran smoothly and kept me up to date with company delays and updates. Would do another split again~