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Feedback for Shiilia~

May 10, 2009

    1. I didn't see a feedback thread for Shiilia so I decided to start one up for her. Anyone who has done business with Shiilia should leave feedback for her here. ^o^


      Shiilia participated in my second Fairyland piggyback order, claiming the body in a Minifee split. She's so friendly and the transaction was wonderfully smooth. She was great about making payments and keeping me updated with things on her end. Everything was great and I recommend her. :)

      :clover Thank you so much for participating in one of my group orders! :D Hopefully your experience was a pleasant one! :clover

    2. Shiilia bought eyes from me. She was very quick with payment, very nice communication, highly recommendable. :)
    3. Shiilia purchased an Unoa Sist from me. Great communication. I'd definitely deal with her again - highly recommend! Thanks for the pleasant transaction experience :daisy
    4. Shiilia bought glas eyes from me. Great communication and quick payment! Highly recommended! Thanks!