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Feedback for Shin, please ^^

Jun 11, 2006

    1. It's time to have a thread with all my DoA feedback so, if you have had a transaction with me, please leave your feedback here. Thank you very much!!! :D

      For other feedback references, please refer to: eBay and instagram.
      #1 Shin, Jun 11, 2006
      Last edited: Oct 20, 2018
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    2. Lovely to deal with. Great communication and fast shipping. ^_^
    3. Fabulous to deal with - friendly seller, and super fast as well!

      Thanks Shin!
    4. I purchase Vampire Lishe from Shin. Perfect Transaction!
    5. i'm very happy to deal with shin, great communication and fast shipping, it's perfect!!
      thank you so mutch!!
    6. I bought a head and body from her and she is super friendly and nice, shipped quickly too! And included a free gift to boot! :)
    7. Super to deal with. Great communication and really friendly. :)
    8. Bought a really nice pair of red sneakers from Shin~
      Very smooth transaction, and communication was friendly =D!!
    9. Recieved black Leeke wig from Shin. ^_^
    10. I bought a ShinCho head from Shin and she was wonderful to deal with. She was super fast to ship, he was packaged nicely too. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again. :)
    11. Fast shipping, smooth transaction, and nice to deal with.
    12. :D Shin was great to buy from! She always made sure I knew what was going on and all in all was a great seller!
    13. I purchased a beautiful BJD from Shin. The transaction was perfect, delivery quick, and dolls was exquisite.
    14. received beautiful Gothic Lolita MSD-sized dress from Shin- very quick shipping and very patient with me- would definitely do business again! :-D
    15. Bought my dear sweet Choyanbi from Shin and she arrived so fast and was packed so well! If you're gonna buy something from Europe, Shin is the one! Thanks!
    16. Perfect transaction with a lovely seller Shin!
      I'm very happy to meet you on the web....and so happy for my mimi head to get this perfect sd10 body.
      Thank you Shin! to a next time!
    17. shin is very nice! she's very concerned with what happens between point a and point b. ( cause we all know how evil the postal system is :D)
    18. Shin is very nice and a pleasure to do business with! Great doing business with you!!
    19. I bought a head from Shin recently and she sent it packed safely and registered. ^_^ She was also patient and understanding when I said I wanted to wait two days to pay!

      Thanks, Shin!!

    20. I just bought a dress form Shin, it arrived in lightning speed, and it's FAB!!! Shin is lovely to deal with and i highly recommened her 110%>>>>>

      Huge thankies (>_<)