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feedback for Shin-zo

Jul 10, 2009

    1. Hello. I'm starting my first feedback thread and hope it will get filled soon : >

      What did you buy from me?:
      How was the communication?:
      How was the quality of the product:?
      was the price appropriate?:
      how long did it take for you to receive the item?:
      are you happy with the overall transaction?
    2. If i bought something from you.
      Was the communication appropriate?
      Did you receive the payment on time?
      other comment:
    3. Shin-zo bought a pair of eyeglasses from me. She was prompt with her PMs and she paid exactly when she said she would. Overall, she has a very friendly demeanor and I most definitely wouldn't mind selling to her in the future. :)
    4. Shin-zo made me a custom dread wig, and it is just lovely.... long soft yarn with embellishments..... i told her what color palette i wanted with some photos for suggestions.... she made it in one day, and shipped it out immediately. a real sweetie.
      great seller... wigmaker....:)
    5. I sold Shin-zo a Euclase head and she was wonderful to deal with! Pleasant fast communication and paid promptly. I wouldn't hesitate to sell to Shin-zo again! A great buyer! Thank you for such a smooth transaction!
    6. Highly recommended
      :fangirl:I purchased some skirts from Shin-zo. They are fabulous!! They were made with high quality materials and have beautiful detailing! Communication was excellent, friendly and helpful. I was advised that shipping would take a little extra time to receive because some extras were added for us!
      :aheartbeaThank you so much.:aheartbea
      I will look forward to buying from you again!
    7. I received a skirt as a free gift from Shin-zo! The skirt is absolutely beautiful and amazingly well-made! I would gladly do business with Shin-zo at any time and would have paid well to purchase a skirt that was as good quality and beautiful as the one I received.
    8. Shin-zo bought a doll from me. Was quick with payment and kept great communication. Also transformed the doll into a new and beautiful one at that.
      thank you again.
    9. Shin-zo made 4 dread wigs for me that are absolute awesome! answers all PM's and questions timely and very friendly. Pricing was great as well, would definately buy from again.
    10. Shin-zo bought an MSD wig from me. She paid promptly and her correspondence was friendly and nice. She even sent me amazingly cute pics of her doll wearing the wig, which was awesome :D I have no reservations in recommending Shin-zo as a buyer! Thanks again!
    11. Shin-zo created two wigs for me, and it was a very pleasant transaction (she even included a cute little gift) ~ Thank you!! :pcupcake
    12. Shin-zo made three wigs for me ^^ Took a while to get here, but damn, they're worth it. She included a little gift, too!
    13. Excellent transaction with Shin-zo who purchased a doll head from me on layaway. Payment was as agreed and communication was good. A perfect transaction with a great buyer. Thanks!
    14. Excellent transaction! Shin-zo purchased a wig from me and everything went smoothly, thank you!
    15. I bought a couple of doll Starter Packs from Shin-zo, the outfits are great and she was very helpful to make sure I received them before I went overseas.
    16. What did you buy from me?: Two Slim MSD girls starterpacks, one with a hoodie, leggings and a green dress, the other with a shirt, skirt and white dress.
      How was the communication?: Shin-Zo was very quick to respond to my PM, and very friendly at that :)
      How was the quality of the productGood, it seems sturdy enough, it looks nice and it fits my Mei perfectly!
      was the price appropriate?: Well I'd almost say it was too cheap :lol: The starterpacks are very affordable.
      how long did it take for you to receive the item?: 9 days or so, a little over a week, which is faster then I expected.
      are you happy with the overall transaction? Verily, and I would definitely buy from Shin-zo again!
    17. I have just received my order of wigs from Shin-Zo
      - they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!
      I am so deeply in awe of her talent. :D

      These wigs really are exactly what I wanted but couldn't visualise. The colours are perfect, and I adore all the little embellishments.

      I heartily recommend Shin-Zo as an artist and as a seller

      THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!:aheartbea
    18. I bought a slim msd starter pack from Shin-zo and I'm absolutely thrilled with the clothes, they look great on my doll! Communication was excellent, fast shipping and the quality of the clothes is great, especially for such a low price. Highly recommend :)
    19. What did you buy from me?: I bought one $10 boy msd clothes pack
      How was the communication?: Excellent, very helpful!
      How was the quality of the product: Really nice, clearly professionally made.
      was the price appropriate?: Definitely! So cheap for such great stuff!
      how long did it take for you to receive the item?: Three days after my e-cheque cleared, which for an international posted product is amazing!
      are you happy with the overall transaction? Extremely happy, will buy from Shin-zo again!
    20. Purchased 2 MSD clothes packs and I absolutely love them. Good quality and wonderful price. Would buy from again.