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Feedback for shini-chi

Jan 6, 2009

    1. If you buy or sell anything to/from me leave your feedback here please~!
    2. she brought Esthy Peroth from me, pay really fast without problem~
    3. She bought Luts Senior Delf body from me. She is a good buyer. Thank you.
    4. I bought two pairs of Soom eyes from shini-chi-it was an easy, pleasant, transaction. Thank you!
    5. I sold a DZ LE Shoyo to shini-chi ^^
      Fast payment, great communication. A pleasure.
    6. shini-chi sold me an outfit for my boy. It was shipped promptly and was in the exact condition as described. A very easy transaction.

      THANK YOU Shini-chi!! :)
    7. shini-chi purchased a Nanuri 07 head from me on layaway. Was always prompt with payments, kept in contact the entire time and was very pleasent to deal with. Highly recommend to all future dealers. ^^
    8. Shini-chi bought a delf luwen on layaway from me and was very friendly and great to talk to and do business with! thanks a ton!
    9. Great communication and all around a pleasure to do business with.
    10. i bought a DZ body from shini-chi, she was a perfect seller, very communicative, and responsive to me needs.... the body was packed well, and arrived safe and sound, very promptly..... a trusted seller.
    11. shini-chi purchased a B&G Type 1 body from me. Quick payment, stellar communication and an all around pleasent person to deal with. ^_^ Definitly recommend!
    12. and i am back again..... had an awesome trading experience. i for a doll body, she for doll clothing.... we agreed on the terms of the trade, and we both shipped promptly. the body arrived safe and sound..... a trusted seller.
    13. I do a partial trade with shini-chi and all things was perfect!She paid promptly and send my package at time!I highly recommended her to everyone!Thanks so much!
    14. shini-chi purchased my Tanned EL in installment. She tried to keep the date and communication was so fast always. ^^
      Thank you very much! It was happy to have a deal~
    15. shini-chi traded her DIM Ace for a bunch of stuff from my site and was a complete pleasure to trade with. Very nice and easy to communicate with - just a GREAT experience all around. Now just have to make clothes and take pictures of the new guy! :D
    16. Shini-chi sold me a DOD DOT male body that I'd been hunting for quite a while. She was very considerate of my limitations and we had a very pleasurable transaction. I would recommend her whole-heartedly.