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Feedback for shinka

Jul 22, 2008

    1. I couldn't find a feadback thread for her so I opened one >_<

      Please let me know if one actually exists!

      Shinka was my split partner for my Lu-Wen head. Very prompt in payment and friendly to deal with~

      Even though I did not ask for her to pay first before I the head came, she did not back out.

      Will definitely deal with her again :)
    2. Thank you for the head~
      good business with nelle ^^
      very helpful and fast shipping

      thanks XD
    3. Thank you for the head~
      good business with nelle ^^
      very helpful and fast shipping

      thanks XD
    4. I sold a head to shinka she was a great buyer. This is an ideal transaction thank you so much A+ =)
    5. I sold a Luts Harriet Set and a wig to Shinka. She was so very understanding during a mailing mishap and then when we found out a piece was missing from the unopened set she was very patient with me while we got the missing piece from Luts. I would definitely do transactions with Shinka again!
    6. Shinka bought a LUTS Dion head from me~ She was wonderful to work with! Paid right away, kept in communication, and let me know when the darling got to her (and gave me a picture of the cutey) Thank you so much! I'd happily work with her again~ :3
    7. Shinka Commission me a DOC size Gundam Seed cosplay costume for her doll. The transition was going really well~
    8. shinka bought my Dream of Doll Tender Elf Sha head. ^^ She's a friend of mine (real life, yeah...) so she called by phone and bought him just like that... paid instantly, and so I sent him the next day. XD Communication? Smooth, of course. She let me know when he arrived and also sent out photos of him in his new house, with new family members and a lover... already. XDDD Thanks so much... ^^ Definitely shinka is a reliable buyer! @shinka : Love those photos! XD Keep 'em coming!
    9. shinka purchased a Volks Chika from me and was so pleasant to deal with! Communication was timely and good and she is very friendly too! She even sent me pictures of the doll after ~ She's definitely someone who takes good care of her possessions ^^
    10. shinka bought my Luts Winter 09 head.
      We discussed about the payment terms and everything runs very smooth. :)
      I'm happy and very thankful to her, for adopting my boy.
      I'm sure he's much more happy in her place. ^^~

      Thank you so much, shinka dear for adopting him!
      Highly recommended buyer! :aheartbea
    11. shinka bought my Luts Delf Boy Body Type 3 with layaway.
      It's a smooth transaction.
      Thank you so much! =)
    12. Shinka purchased a Volks doll from me. She paid immediately and let me know when doll arrived. I would absolutely do transactions with her again (buy or sell).
    13. Shinka purchased a Volks SdGou Yukinojo S. body from me. After showing initial interest, the payment was received promptly after. Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction. :)
    14. I purchased a Volks Kazuya Kujo head from Shinka

      I was looking for this head for a long time and gave up ever finding it a few months ago, so I decided to place an ad and hope for the best. I loved the Kujo head and how gentle it looked, it fit my character perfectly but it rarely came up for sale, and when it did, it didnt have the papers which is a necessity for me. I was so happy to see the PM from Shinka offering the head and papers.

      At first I was worried because there wasn't any recent feedback, and the fact that I didnt see any feedback of her as a seller, but Im happy to say that she's an extraordinary seller and trustworthy :aheartbea

      Shinka answers PM's very quickly and is extra friendly in communication - She answered all my questions and was very honest. The transaction was quick and the item was shipped the exact day she promised me.

      Packaging was really great and was very secure. Everything arrived pristine and very fast. I was surprised with the care she put in packaging - the head bubble wrapped securely, in a beautiful box, with even more bubblewrap and finally inside a sturdier box. Nothing would have happened to it even if a postal worker was careless.

      The inner box was beautiful and she even included some gifts that I actually liked (thank you for the kitty hat!)

      Thank you so much ! I highly recommend purchasing from Shinka :) Completely trust worthy, items are exactly as what was described and has great communication skills. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to purchase from Shinka in the future and highly recommend her as a trustworthy and reliable seller.
    15. I bought Shinka's Souldoll Lee Jun Ki C :)

      She's a very nice person to talk with, and she answered all my questions! The transaction was quick, after I finally decided to buy him. She has great patience X3
      She shipped the doll unstrung, and veerything was carefully packed in with bubble wrap, inside a solid super cute box! (Ribbon and all)
      She shipped when she said she would, and he arrived 2 days later (Which was just an amazing surprise!)

      A+++!! Would definetly buy from again :D
      Thank you so much for a smooth transaction!