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Feedback for Shinku_Rhapsody

Feb 22, 2012

    1. I could not find a feedback thread for Shinku_Rhapsody, so I have started one myself.

      I recently sold a pair of acrylic eyes to Shinku_Rhapsody. Awesome transaction! Payment was prompt, and communication was always quick and friendly. Shinku_Rhapsody was great about letting me know when the eyes arrived as well. :)

      Highly recommend, thanks much!
    2. I sold a hand to Shinku_Rhapsody. The communication was fast and she paid quickly. :) Very good transaction, thank you!
    3. I sold a DZ body to Shinku_Rhapsody and everything went perfectly. Communication was flawless and she paid quickly. Highly recommended. Thanks again!
    4. Purchased a RS Rong with default face up in normal skin and two fur wigs. Great price, and items arrived earlier than expected (and in perfect condition!!!). Would definitely do business again some time.
    5. Sold some OT dolls to Shinku. Everything went smoothly from communication to payment. A complete pleasure to do business with. XD
    6. I bought a Doll Family - A Julian head from Shinku. He was well packaged, communication was good. Very pleasant transaction! Definitely recommend as seller.
    7. I sold a Bobobie Feng to Shinku_Rhapsody. communication and payment was great. was very understanding even when problems arose from shipping. definitely a good buyer.
    8. I sold a Cherish Faith body to Shinku_Rhapsody and everything was perfect! Great buyer, fast payment, nice communication and she let me know as soon as the it arrived. Thanks so much! :)
    9. I dold a pair of Soom Euclase hands to Shinku_Rhapsody. She paid promptly and let me know when they arrived. Great buyer. Thanks
    10. I bought Shinku's Resinsoul body.

      she shipped the item quickly,and was quick to answer any ?'s i had about the body.

    11. Shinku_Rhapsody bought a wig from me and transaction was great! Payment was sent quickly and communication was friendly. Thanks again!
    12. I sold a Luts doll head to Shinku_Rhapsody and it was a very pleasant transaction. Payment was quick and communication was great. Thanks again! :)
    13. Great buyer, fast payment and friendly communication. Thank you!! :)
    14. I purchased a pair of glass eyes from Shinku_Rhapsody and the transaction was wonderful. Shipped on time and they arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Shinku again. :) Thanks!!
    15. I did a partial trade for a ResinSoul Ming/Rong hybrid in red as a project doll. She arrived with all her mods/changes as listed and described. Shipping was fast, on the agreed date. Her packing was secure with lots of safe padding.

      Great transaction - I'd trade or buy from Shinku_Rhapsody again :)
    16. Shinku_Rhapsody bought a 5Stardoll mini boy body from me. Payment and communication were quick - I couldn't ask for more. Thanks!!
    17. I bought some 1/4 hands from Shinku_Rhapsody and it was a great transaction! They were shipped promptly and packaged super safely! Thank you!
    18. I bought a Ringdoll Boy Body from Shinku_Rhapsody. Everything went really well and I would gladly buy from again. Thanks for much!
    19. I bought a DF ling yin from Shinku_Rhapsody. She arrived safe and sound. She is beautiful! I would do with Shinku again. :)
    20. Bought some grey Super Gem hands from Shinku_Rhapsody. Prompt responses, fast delivery, and super nice! Would gladly buy from again.