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Feedback for Shinta

Jun 22, 2009

    1. This thread'll contain all the feedback I garner for various transactions. Please be honest! Thanks for posting. :)
    2. eally a good buyer, thank you ^^
    3. Shinta bought a wig from me and it went incredibly smooth. Communication was fabulous and fast, payment was just as quick and was an overall awesome seller to deal with. I totally recommend Shinta to any buyer!! Thank you so much!
    4. Shinta bought a Luts priest set from me. She was really polite, friendly and paid quickly. It was a really great transaction all round and she is definately one of the buyers I would recommend. Thanks for letting me know the item arrived!
    5. Shinta just purchased an elfdoll Aden, and was very prompt with payment as well as notifying me when he arrived...thank you :)
    6. Shinta just purchased a Cotin Doll wig and a pair of 14 mm acrylic eyes from me. As everyone above has mentioned, communication was fast, payment was immediate upon her getting my PayPal address, and Shinta was super polite and friendly in all of the PMs. I would definitely look forward to doing future transactions with her! :)
    7. I sold a pair of jeans to Shinta.Very fast payment.She is a pleasure to work with.a nice communication~Thank you very much . ^0^
    8. I had a very happy transaction selling two fur wigs to Shinta! Quick and friendly communication, prompt payment, great customer! Definitely recommended, thank you again!
    9. I sold some clothes to Shinta. Paid promptly and was great to do business with. ^^
    10. Shinta purchased a set of MiniFee items from me and was absolutely wonderful to deal with! Communication was flawless and payment was instant. A superb transaction and I'm confident that others will follow that trend.

      :aheartbea Thank you for your purchase!! :aheartbea
    11. Shinta sold me her DOC Twin B Girl, and I couldn't have been more happier! She arrived safely and she is absolutely stunning and just like she said she'd be. She was very patient with my money issues, and was very fast in responding.

      Thanks so much again, Shinta! I'll be sure to link you to some pictures when I can! :aheartbea
    12. I love Shinta!! I bought a Minifee boy body, girl body, and a Karsh head from Shinta and she was really nice, fast, very communicative, and she shipped them out right away so they'd make it here before the Memorial Day weekend. They are perfect, I am so happy! Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    13. Shinta participated in my ninth Fairyland group order and everything went wonderfully well. :D Everything was just as smooth this time around as it was the first and I have no complaints at all!

      :bcake Thank you for your participation in this order! :bcake
    14. I bought an Elfdoll Aden from Shinta. He is perfect and Shinta gave me a great deal on him! The shipping was amazingly fast...and all communication with Shinta was wonderful. Thanks for a GREAT transaction!!

    15. Shinta bought an outfit from me and the transaction went great. She let me know as soon as the item arrived, and communication was very good.

      Thanks so much!
    16. positive!

      Shinta commissioned me for 5 sets of Chibis from my Artwork shop! <3 She was a perfect client to work for! she gave a great description to work from, was super awesome with giving feedback as I worked on the pieces and was just a perfect experience! :) I'd love to work with again any time! <3

      Thank you for hiring me!!!!
    17. I bought an LittleFee DES. She was perfect ! Really quick sending and the communication was just very good ! Thank you so much !!!

      A very good seller !
    18. I purchased a minifee body from Shinta. She shipped super fast! Speedy communication and really pleasant to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from her again :kitty2
    19. I bought a MNF Karsh head from Shinta. Her communication was flawless and professional and package was shipped out promptly.
      She's a wonderful seller who knows what's she doing and she's definitely a recommended seller in my book! Thank you for a great transaction!
    20. I bought a LUTS priest set from Shinta.
      The outfit has been sent out immediately, it was wonderful to communicate with her and everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with the transaction, I can highly recommend her :)