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Feedback for Shinwoo

Jul 12, 2009

    1. This is my feedback thread if we have had any transactions please leave your feedback here

      Thanks! :)
    2. Shinwoo purchased a DIM Edmon from me and the transaction was perfection!

      Many thanks Shinwoo!

    3. Shinwoo took part in my Nobility Doll Bill Kaulitz group order and was great! Communication and payment were always fast and very dependable. Thank you for being a part of my order and thank you for your infinite patience in this extremely long order! I hope to see your doll around the forums!
    4. I bought two nobility doll bill kaulitz heads from her and her friend... and she was so nice to me and so lovely... everything was fine.. she was waiting for my payment and the heads were perfectly safe.. they came fast and the price was perfect... thank you so much I love these heads... sorry for.my bad English ^^`