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Feedback for Shire

Mar 6, 2008

    1. Hello! If I've purchased anything from you, or I sold you something, please leave here your comment.

      Thank you!
    2. HI! Shire purchased a K-doll Karon head from me. It was a very pleasant and perfect transaction. Very nice to get to know!
    3. I just bought a little Puki from Shire and she was a pleasure to work with. She answered all my questions really quickly and posted the doll off just when she said she would. I would definitely recommend her to anyone.
      Thanks Laura.
    4. I've traded my Unoa faceplate + some $ for Shire's Puki Sugar - very fast shipping, nice contact and I even got a free wig. Most definitly recommended!
    5. I bought a pair of puki hands and wingtop boots from Shire. Everything went smoothly, a pleasure to deal with. ^^
    6. I just received a Tender Lahoo head that I bought from Shire. The head was safe and well-packaged, and she shipped very quickly after payment. A great pleasure to work with! Awesome and friendly seller, definitely recommended! ^-^ Thanks again Shire for my cute boy~!
    7. I bought a MS Drayton head. The transaction was smooth and communication reliable, the packing was sensible and the head in good condition. Thank you!
    8. I bought a Karon head from Shire, she shipped him fast and was very understanding =D
      Thank you ^_^