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Feedback for ShiroShade

Jan 18, 2012

    1. If you have sold anything to me or bought anything from me please leave feedback :)
    2. Hi all, I've recently purchased my SD boy from ShiroShade, hes a Crobidoll Yeon-Ho on a Dreaming Doll Boy Body. Love it! -product aside- the communication was very quick and friendly, payment was easy, I recieved messages back the entire time, shipping was wonderful and the way he was packaged was amazing. Seriously, companies don't even ship their dolls as well as he was!! So All-in-all I give this User a deff 10!! =)
      Thanks again ShiroShade!!
    3. I bought a Bory from ShiroShade. He was well packed and arrived safely! Communication was quick and friendly, and she couldn't be nicer. Thanks again!