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Feedback for Shlee

Jan 8, 2010

    1. Just setting up in case it's necessary for trading and the like. ^_^:pcake
    2. wow~ I'm the first one who writted here XD
      Shlee joined my Leeke GO, and it was a nice transaction. She sent the payment quickly, and was very friendly and understanding in our communication. Thank you!
    3. Shlee is the best! When I wrote on a thread that I would like to buy some shoes from Audrey's dolls, but couldn't because they didn't seem to ship outside of the US, she immediately offered to buy them for me and ship them to me instead. Fantastic! My shoes got here very quickly, and I couldn't be more happy about our communication. I'd do another transaction with her in a heartbeat. Thank you Shlee!! :chocoberry
    4. i just did a wig trade with Shlee. the trade went very smooth and i love the wig. i hope to trade with her again someday! :)
    5. I've bought a Minifee head from Shlee, very nice and friendly communication, shipped quickly :) Thank you so much for the lovely gifts too! ;)
    6. Shlee was in my LeekeWorld GO. She sends payment very quickly and was super understanding when I had to delay shipping by a few days due to my flu ^^; I'd gladly work with her again anyday!
    7. I took part of Shlee's Leeke GO. Couldn't be happier. :D Everything ran smoothly, and communication was always prompt and pleasant. Thanks again for everything!
    8. I joined Shlee's Leeke GO. It was a fantastic experience! Communication was excellent, both on the thread and through pm...I never had to wonder or worry with this GO. My items arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I definitely recommend Shlee and I wouldn't heistate to join another GO with her.
    9. Participated in Shlee's Leekeworld Go. She was amazing! She communicated everyday through the thread and through pm so I always knew what was going on. She also shipped out my item very fast and it was in perfect condition! Everyone should join her Go's! You won't be disappointed! :D
    10. I also participated in Shlee's Leekeworld Go. SHE. IS. AWESOME. Seriously, what a doll to work with. Her communication was phenomenal, she was incredibly organized. She let all of us know what was going on, organized everything fast, fast, fast, answered all questions, and everything was shipped in a fast and friendly way. An absolute pleasure to work with. I wish every transaction here on DoA could be this perfect. I'm totally stalking this girl for any more GOs. Thank you so much for everything, Shlee!!
    11. I was in the group order as well. Thank you SO SO much for running this! She was incredibly well organized and replied very very quickly to my messages. I'm so pleased with everything! Great seller/GO organizer!
    12. Participated in a GO by Shlee and it was super easy and fast. Shipped a lot faster to me than I thought it would, too. :)

      Thank you very much and it was a pleasure being a part of it!! :aheartbea
    13. I recently joined in on Shlee's first Leekeworld GO. She did such an amazing job! When the wig I wanted was out of stock, she promptly let me know so that I could choose another. She was fantastic with communication, and great with updates. She also shipped the wig amazingly well, and was quick to let me know when she shipped it out. It arrived quickly and in perfect condition. I highly recommend her as a GO leader! I enjoyed the transaction so much, that I am also apart of another of her GO orders. Thank you!
    14. Participated in a Leeke GO by Shlee and received my order perfectly. Communication was quick and pleasant. Highly recommend this member to anyone here on DoA! Thanks!
    15. I also participated in Shlee's Leeke World GO -- Great communication and very quick shipping :)

      I'd definitely join another of Shlee's GO's and would highly recommend to other DoA members :aheartbea

      Thanks again!! ​
    16. I joined Shlee's GO for Leekeworld! The items arrived quickly! We did have a misunderstanding about shipping, but everything was resolved! Thanks again!
    17. I just participated in Shlee's first GO, she was great to work with and very accomodating!
    18. I joined in Shlee's group order. Apparently it was her first.
      Everything was very organized, she is also very friendly and nice. Definitely a very pleasant person to have transaction with :)
      Thank you for organizing the GO.
    19. I participated in a Leekeworld GO that Shlee ran - my eyes came in perfect condition, very quickly :D Thank you so much!
    20. I joined in Shlee's Leekeworld GO. My girl's wig arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Love it. Thanks so much for running an awesome GO! Happy to join a GO run by Shlee anytime!! :kitty2