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Feedback for shootda.zero

Sep 27, 2011

    1. Please leave some feedback here if you've done a transaction with me.
      Thank you! ;)
    2. shootda.zero bought a doll from me. Communication was great and the transaction proceeded smoothly. I will definitely do business with her again in future. Thank you for giving Lami a home! :)
    3. shootda.zero bought a NP Lucifer head from me.
      She was quick to reply, and was really nice to communicate with!

      I would say, she is a GOOD buyer :)
    4. shootda.zero bought two mohair wigs from me. She was very great to work with and I'd work with her again in a heartbeat!
    5. shootda.zero bought a dolly head from me, and she is such a sweetie! Replies were prompt and friendly, transaction went smoothly and quickly too! Thanks babe! :)
    6. Shootda.Zero purchase my SSDF body in a 5-months layaway + ask me to do a tattoo work on the body (●^o^●) ♪

      Shootda.Zero is a very sweet buyer.
      Communication is perfect, payment is prompt, she is also very friendly and understanding. She is an absolute joy to talk to, and is a wonderful customer, in addition to a wonderful person to have a transaction with. I will be happy to do transactions again with her in the future! ^.^

      Other words, Shootda.Zero is a perfect buyer! Very recommended!~
      Thanks again for the wonderful transaction :)
    7. I adopted a little cutie from her. I asked for a layaway plan but was afraid I wouldn't be able to pay the last installment before her trip. But she offered a solution and respected any decision I was planning to make.
      Luckily it ended up being a very short layaway lol. My cutie was shipped promptly and safely.
      Great communication of course :)!

      Thank you!!
    8. A pleasure to purchase from - thank-you very much.

      I wouldn't hesitate to buy anything from her again.
    9. I brought a Napidoll Lucifer Head from shootda.zero on a short layaway. The communication was fast and the shipping was even faster. I'm really happy with how this transaction went and I wouldn't hesitate to converse in business again in the future ^_^
    10. Awesome job on the face up commission, love it~
    11. I brought a crobidoll wig from shootda.zero, Great communication and shipping. Recommended! ^^
    12. she bought the doll glass eyes from me , the whole transaction is very happy ,she was very kind and friendly , it is happy time to have business with her, highly recommend her to all of you. by the way ,if you are her friends and order from me , pls remind me that you are her friends ,and then you will get the eyelashes and eye putty as gifts with money free.
    13. Shootda.zero did a face up for my dolls
      It is a wonderful master, excellent communication. ^^
      I liked communicating with her:) Thank you)
    14. I commissioned Rei to do face-ups for my dolls and it was a pleasure from start to finish!!!
      The face-ups looks amazing and flawless and gorgeous and exactly what I wanted!
      Rei is super talented and her work is professional and fantastic!!
      I highly recommend to commission Chapter Zero Aesthetics!!!!
      Thank you very much Rei!!!
    15. I sent two heads to shooda.zero for face-ups! They were a withdoll juwel and ddh-03 head. Shood.zero did an amazing job! Not only with their face-up skills but keeping my updated with progress pictures and telling me what was going on! I love the face-ups and would absolutely commission again! =D
    16. Again, I sent two heads to Rei. With her work a pleasure. Lovely master, thank her for the wonderful face up:fangirl:. Despite postal delays everything went perfectly. Thanks once again <3
    17. I feel terrible for not posting this much sooner, but shootda.zero did amazing facuep work for me on my Okita, Aloa and Ren heads. She has a very detailed form so that the faceups turned out perfect for the characters and kept in very good contact with information and pictures throughout the process. Shipping was surprisingly fast as well. Thanks so much and I'll be comissioning you again in the future! :D
    18. I've bought a Crobidoll Lance from shootda.zero and the whole transaction was perfect. Everything went smooth, Zero was absolutely lovely the whole time, checking the shipping fee at the post office for me etc. Everything was packed very nicely and securely. Thank you so much for everything! <3
    19. Adopted a teenie boy from shootda.zero.
      Prompt reply and smooth transaction.
      And since we are from the same country, we did a meet-up collection.
      Very punctual and friendly!

      Thank you so much!!
    20. I purchased a Migidoll Ryo head from shootda.zero :) She was friendly and wonderful with all conversation and shipped the head quickly. I would gladly work with her again in the future! Thank you so much!!