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Feedback for Shotsforparanoia

Nov 28, 2007

    1. Posting a feedback thread since I know I'll forget later if I don't, so please leave feedback on transactions with me here. Thank you very much! :)

      - Annie
    2. I bought a doll from Shotsforparanoia, communication was fantastic and everything went smoothly and without a hitch.

      I would most definitely do business with her again ^^
    3. I bought a pair of Dollheart boots from Shotsforparanoia and not only was communication fast but so was shipping they got here in less than a week! They were packaged with amazing care and I am thrilled with them. I would definitely do business with her again!
    4. I bought a pair of shoes from shotsforparanoia and they were gerat! She shipped them super fast and were just perfect. Thanks a million! :)
    5. Shotsforparanoia is a great seller :aheartbea immediate shipping and she was really friendly too.

      Thanks alot :D
    6. In my transaction a Nanuri head was purchased from Shotsforparanoia, she shipped very quickly and securely and is a friendly seller to boot. Thank you so much!
    7. bought a pair of shoes from shotsforparanoia, they arrived quickly and were very well-packaged! an awesome transaction, A+++ :)
    8. Bought a Dollmore Model F wig from Shotsforparanonia. Wig was sold out on site, and it perfect condition....not a curl out of place. Communication was good and shipping was fast! I wouldn't hesitate to buy from Annie again....and probably will!
    9. I bought a Fer from Shotsforparanoia, and it was a great transaction! Lovely to deal with and all went very smoothly. Thanks again.:)
    10. I recently bought a wig, and was kept in good communication and it arrived in perfect shape, just as described. Thanks again! :D
    11. Purchased pants from Shotsforparanoia. They were sent quickly and packaged well. Excellent transaction!​
    12. I bought an SD wig from shotsforparanoia. Excellent communication, the wig was shipped fast, and was extremely well packed. Thank you!
    13. I bought some Senior Delf feet from her. She sent them out fast-- and was really understanding when they didn't show up at my house. XD Turns out they were stuck at my apartment's office. She was really sweet and let me know just what was going on, and the delivery confirmation number. Definitely will deal with again. Thanks!
    14. I bought a shirt from shotsforparanoia. Communication was good and the transaction was smooth and easy. Thanks shotsforparanoia!
    15. I bought a dollheart outfit from Shotsforparanoia. The outfit is in great shape and packed very well. Recommended as a seller :)
    16. bought boots from her, fast shipping and great communication, definitely recommend her to anyone <3
    17. I bought a wig from Shotsforparanoia. It arrived super fast, was very well-packaged, and was just beautiful. Thanks again! :)
    18. I bought a pair of shoes from shotsforparanoia, and it was a great transaction! Communication was good and she was very responsive to my questions. Thank you so much :)
    19. I bought a wig from Shotsforparanoia, the wig arrived in excelent condition. Thank you! :aheartbea