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Feedback for Shoujo Onigiri

Jun 25, 2009

    1. Feedback for Shoujo Onigiri goes here :)
    2. I'm honored to be her first transaction!! Because of DOA's awesomeness of the Marketplace- Accessories I was the first to set up my sales thread and luckily Shoujo Onigiri was able to see it! She bought an antique cupboard from me for her Yo-SD. ^___^ Very fast in payment and in talk. I highly suggest this wonderful lady!!
    3. Shoujo Onigiri bought doll accessories from me. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    4. Shoujo_onigiri bought some props from me and was very friendly! Shoujo_Onigiri paid promptly, and replied to all PMs quickly--even PM'd me when item was recieved. Thanks so much!
    5. Shoujo Onigiri participated in my GO. Great transcation with prompt payment, thanks!
    6. She was my first international customer and I couldn't be more satisfied with her ^_^ She's absolutely amazing and very patient, it was really nice to treat with her ^_^
    7. Shoujo Onigiri bought a tiny-sized Rococo chair from me and the transaction went perfectly! Friendly PMs, fast payment, and she was even nice enough to tell me when it arrived. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
    8. Sold a little sweater and boots to Shoujo Onigiri........ she was a lovely buyer!

      Thanks so much!

    9. I did two faceup commissions for Shoujo Onigiri.
      She is plesant to work with, knows what she wants and really prompt payments. :>
      Thank you!
    10. I sold my Lati Doll White Sp Belle to Shoujo Onigiri; she is a very sweet buyer! Prompt payment and great communication. :)

      Thanks so much for adopting my little sweetie; and I am glad she will be loved in her new home :aheartbea
    11. I did another faceup for Shoujo Onigiri.
      Just like last time, it went smoothly. Communication is prompt.
      Thank you so much for letting me work on your girl!