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Feedback for ShuAki

Oct 1, 2009

    1. Hello, I'm starting my feedback thread

      Please, leave a comment if if I have done business with you :)
    2. ShuAki just was part of my Soom MD Chrom split #3. They joined halfway through the split when another buyer wanted to swap out. Communication was great, shipping fee was paid promptly, and they have been very pleasant. They even let me know when the item arrived and left feedback. I would gladly work with ShuAki again. ^^

      Thank you very much.
    3. I sold a Transcend B to ShuAki and it was a very pleasant transaction. Communications were great, she paid very promptly and let me know when he arrived.

      A big thank you and hope to do business again! :D
    4. ShuAki bought Minifee Mio and Ante heads from me. The payment was made very promptly and the communication with her was great!

      It was a pleasure do business with her! (: