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Feedback for Shuga Youko

Jan 8, 2009

    1. Hi! I don't have a feedback yet so I've made one :)

      If I bought something from you, please, say here if it was a good transaction or not :) (I hope that my transactions are ok *_*)

      Shuga Youko (Flavia)
    2. Shuga Youko bought the DH Pink Angel Feather from me. She is very communicative, prompt, and pleasant to deal with. I would not hesitate doing more business with her in the future. :)

      Thanks! :aheartbea
    3. Shuga Youko bought a outfit set from me, the trade was great. Shuga Youko paid very fast and she is very nice. :)
      Would love to deal with her again.
    4. Shuga Youko bought my Topaz dress.

      Such a nice and bubbly person to deal with.

      Payment on the day promised.

      Would definitely deal with again should the opportunity arise ^^
    5. Me again ^^

      Sold my Topaz fairy parts to Shuga Youko and everything went smooth as before.

      Great Buyer - highly recommended!
    6. Shuga Youko bought a set of pink outfit and boots from me. She is very nice person to deal with. Great communication and fast payment. I highly recommended her!!!
      Thank you!!!
    7. Shuga bought an MSD Dollmore Sailor set from me and it was a flawless transaction. She paid very quickly and kept up great communication throughout. Very friendly person to deal with, that she was. Thank you, and hope to deal with you again! :aheartbea
    8. Shuga Youko bought some shoes from me... everything went fine! Very polite. All is well!
    9. Shuga Youko ran a split for the Soom Glot and I bought the hooves. Transaction went smoothly, tho there was a small issue w/ shipping on time, she was very gracious & communicative! Thank you so much!
    10. Shuga Youko just ordered a Supergem-sized lingerie from my shop, and she was wonderful! Her communication is very consistent and friendly, payment is super fast, and it was an overall very smooth transaction on my part. I definitely look forward to working with her again and highly recommend her to anyone! :D

      Thank you so much again for everything--it's been a pleasure working with you! :aheartbea ^__^
    11. Shuga Youko bought a pair of shoes from me and paid in a timely manner. Everything went smoothly and thank you so much for a great transaction! :D
    12. Shuga Youko purchased some doll clothes from me. She was very friendly and patient when it took me a while to get her items to the post office. For some reason, the postal/customs service took an extraordinary long time to deliver the items to her (at one point we feared they may have been lost) but eventually they did arrive safe and sound. Even though there was the worry over the status of the items, she was always friendly and kind and I am very grateful to have had such a patient and understanding buyer :).

      Excellent transaction! Thank you so much! I would definitely recommend her.
    13. Very good buyer!! She bought Cass ocean arms and hands from me. She paid promptly and let me know when the package arrived. Thanks a lot!! :D
    14. Shuga joined my nDoll GO and was an amazing participant! She paid quickly, kept in contact, and notified me of the package's arrival even though it took a long time to get to her >.< I'd love to join in any kind of transaction with Shuga ^^

      Thanks so much! <3
    15. A Neutral feedback.
      I'm sorry that I have to leave one but this is already the second problematic split I had to work with and now it's enough...

      I participated ina SPLIT for Ai hooves with Shuga Youko but I must say I'm not too satisfyed with the whole thing at all.
      At first everything went well and excellent but then, after the doll arrived communication became slow and it also took her forever to ship. From week to week...
      Also, after the hooves arrived they had a chip at the joint part from wich I wasn't informed. I believe it happened after they arrived because they seemed new.
    16. I joined Shuga Youko's Soom MD Ai split, and I bought Ai's antlers from her. There was no problem in the beginnig, but after Ai's arrival, she wasn't very communicative - she shipped it very slowly - but my antlers are finally here of course - but no magnets, which (I think) might be included :/

      So, it's a neutral feedback as well.
    17. You are very very good buyer , your kindness,friendship and praise really encourage me to keep working for the whole doll world ,and let me deeply feel the trust ,friendship ,kindness during our transaction . I am a glass doll eyes manufacturer , I enjoy the praise from you after my hard work,to be honest , I am really willing to work for you again and try to do my best to make the top quality and service for the wonderful doll world .to let all of us to feel the trust and friendship between the people and make the happyness for each other are more important than the money , and feel our work are meaningful and life are really happy . Any requirements including the special requirement which no people can do ,please feel free to contact me .
      thank you again!
      Your friend :Lu ​
    18. SUPER POSITIVE FEEDBACKS!!!!!! :goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar:goldstar

      I bought a pair of Soom MD Topaz fairy ears and feet from Shuga Youko. She was beautiful to work with! Communication was clear and constant, she let me know updates, and she worked super hard with her post office to locate a package that they were holding hostage. :lol:

      We had quite an adventure with this package, but I had 100% faith in Shuga Youko that she was doing all she could on her end. The package did finally get released from the post office and I couldn't be happier with the transaction! :D

      Thank you so much! :aheartbea
    19. Bought a pair of Amber Fauna arms from Shuga Youko. She was super friendly and confirmed the payment. It did take a little longer than specified to ship them out, but it was within a week after said time.

      Overall good feedback. It was a pleasure to work with a friendly and polite person.
    20. Positive!

      I was part of a Shuga Youko's Group Order. We have some problems, from both sides, but she is kind and everything was perfect in the end. My eyes arrived when I needed it ^^

      And, thanks for your promptness! &#9829;~