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Feedback for shugbugg

Mar 3, 2010

    1. Hi guys!
      Well i decided to make a feedback thread!!!
      If you have done any business with moi please leave a feedback!
      I greatly appreciate it!!!
    2. Anna bought a Minifee outfit from me. She is an excellent buyer with great communication, prompt payment, and super friendly on top of that!

      I'm glad to have a transaction with you! Thank you again~
    3. :)
      Thankyou So much!
    4. Shugbugg bought some mnf shoes from me. Quick payment, Great Communication and a really nice person too :) A+
    5. I bought a Monique wig from Shugbugg, communication was great and it was shipped out right away! Thanks!
    6. Bought some MSD girl clothes and shoes from Anna (shugbugg) and everything went amazingly well! Communication was great and shipping was lightning fast, and she even sent a little extra along with the package :3 All in all, highly recommended as a seller, thanks so much!!!
    7. I bought a really beautiful wine-colored wig from shugbugg. Communication was great - shipping was fast - everything wonderful! Thanks so much. Cheryl
    8. Just sold a Des head to Anna (shugbugg). Communication was clear , quick and polite.Payment was also quick.

      I will ship this week before the convention thank you again :)
    9. shugbugg bought an outfit from me, and it was a nice smooth transaction. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with her again. :daisy
    10. shugbugg participated in my HC GO, she paid quickly and was very patient, it was a perfect transaction, thank you :)
    11. Did a trade with shugbugg, I got my shushu very quickly. She is SO nice and friendly to work with, and answers pms very quickly.

      Awesome transaction, would recommend to anyone, and gladly work with again <3
    12. Anna and I agreed to a trade of minifee heads in the middle of December. At the beginning, she was over-eager, and generally a few steps ahead of me, but when the package was lost, she became very slow to respond.

      The head she had offered was out for a face-up, so I said I was willing to consider a trade only when she got the head back, but she asked me to put my head on hold for her as if I had agreed to the trade already. She then wanted me to ship my head out to her before she even had her head back from the artist. Ultimately, we agreed to send the heads on the same day, though she didn't send hers until a couple days after we'd agreed.

      Unfortunately, while the head I'd sent her (with extras) arrived safely, the head she sent me was mis-addressed and was delivered to the wrong house. By the time I figured out about the mis-delivery the next day, the package was gone. I contacted Anna to tell her that the head had been lost, and asked her to pay for the head I had sent her by the end of January. She requested time to figure out what had happened, which I agreed to. Her father replied several weeks later that they were looking into filing for PO insurance, but that they needed to wait a certain time from when it was mailed. After contacting them again several weeks later (now the beginning of February), I was finally refunded for the part of my losses that I had requested.

      While I realize that it was not entirely her fault the package was lost, the mis-delivery was in part due to an unreadable or mis-addressed package. Moreover, it took her close to 2 months to reimburse me for my losses. However she did ultimately pay me back, for which I am grateful.
    13. Shugbugg and I did a trade and it could not have been better!! Communication was great shipping was fast!! I really love the littlefee!!! Would defiantly do business again!!!